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Bitcoin Press Release: Digital learning pioneer has revealed the world’s first blockchain-based platform to measure the value of knowledge, with two months to its pre-sale event on January 15th,2018. The Knowledge platform features a unique ecosystem that shares and rewards knowledge encouraged by gamified learning.

November 21, 2017 Ohio, USA –’s revolutionary platform looks to be the new standard for measuring the true worth of knowledge. Its platform will spur the promotion of knowledge exchange between knowledge sharers and producers, while rewarding their interactions within the network – powering a decentralized ecosystem of knowledge sharing networks.

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Central to the Knowledge platform is the gamification of learning, an educational approach to maximize enjoyment and engagement by capturing the interest of learners and inspiring them to continue learning.

Science is realizing that games promote learning

Jean Piaget, a Swiss pioneer in child development, noted that human beings from a young age played to understand social dynamics and exercise their imagination and creativity – almost as if the human mind was wired to learn through games.

Because memory is a crucial cognitive skill for learning, practice at playing games that challenge memory in theory would also lead to improvements in learning and academic skills. Beyond learning, games also offer useful information about how well we lean.

These implications have not gone unnoticed. The American Psychological Association estimates that 60% of teachers in kindergarten and primary schools in USA now use digital games at least weekly in teaching, with 18% of them using it daily. Even the US government is now considering legislation for a pilot project that would make interactive learning games a mainstay in schools.

Earning rewards through a gamified learning experience

Within Knowledge, a data management platform is made up of an immediate core mass of personas based on’s industry partnerships. One of which is leading eSports platform GamingGrids, whose technical savvy will present with 5 million monthly active users from which to capture and analyze data.

As part of its development roadmap, the Knowledge platform plans to integrate with the GamingGrids app along with its platform launch by the end of 2017. It will have a base of personas for use incorporating proprietary Knowledge Score algorithms, resulting in precise targeted and incentivized advertising campaigns. Through directed question- or response-based advertising,’s partners will be given unprecedented access to their users of the Knowledge Q&A platform, with data captures instantly.

Knowledge will reward all participants in proportion to their gameplay or usage activity on the GamingGrids pool – a process that is essentially “meta-mining” new Knowledge tokens. Through this model, participating users or “meta-miners” can earn Knowledge tokens as rewards.

About GamingGrids

GamingGrids is a video game entertainment, mobile software and content delivery firm with partnerships including the likes of Razer, Inc. and the US Army. Its main feature is a completely automated tournament management system.

Specialists in cash-based skilled gaming, the entertainment company boasts an impressive portfolio featuring a complete eSports tournament platform, unique Grid ranking system, massive public tournaments and progressive jackpots focusing on creative monetization. and the Knowledge Tokens has its conceptual origins in the recognition, rewarding and celebration of knowledge. It considers that all knowledge is valuable not only to the individual that possesses it but to the society that benefits from interacting with that knowledge.

The platform centres around gamified interaction between all knowledge stakeholders from creators such as students and users, to sharers such as educators, and to consumers such as employers and industries. This model of incentivization will not only accurate measure knowledge but spur the development and propagation of knowledge deemed to be the basis of educational, economic and social progress.

Presale will launch a pre-sale on 15 January, 2018, about two months from now. 10% of the total Knowledge Token supply (25 million) will be made available during the pre-sale, while a further 20% (50 million) will be put up for sale during the main public ICO to be announced at a later date.

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