Friday, February 3, 2023

Read the Korean Peace Declaration Text Hidden Inside the Ethereum Blockchain

Read the Korean Peace Declaration Text Hidden Inside the Ethereum Blockchain

The world took a very important step towards achieving world peace when the leaders of North and South Korea got together to sign a peace declaration between both nations. But – did you know that the text from this historic document was also recorded on the Ethereum blockchain?

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A Historic Agreement Notched on the Blockchain

In this video, we discuss the historic Panmunjom Declaration for Peace, Prosperity and Unification of the Korean Peninsula which was signed by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and South Korea’s president Moon Jae-in.


This important document signed on April 27th at the 2018 Inter-Korea Summit is a promise signed by both leaders to end the Korean War, strike a tone of partnership between both nations and move towards denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula.

Beyond the importance of what the text contains, we look at the fact that a South Korean developer has recorded the text onto the Ethereum blockchain in both Korean and English to preserve it permanently.

Join Bitsonline blockchain and cryptocurrency instructor George Levy as we explore the Ethereum blockchain and visit the actual transactions where the text is recorded in a permanent and immutable fashion.

What You Will Learn

– What are the two transactions which contain the messages in Korean and English?

– How can you view the transactions on an Ethereum block explorer?

– What are the steps you need to take to convert the text recorded into legible text?

Find out about this historic event and how it was recorded on the Ethereum blockchain in this video, and learn how you can view it yourself.

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The Panmunjom Declaration is a document of deep historic significance, and the act of preserving it on the Ethereum blockchain, although merely symbolic in this case, is a strong statement towards how blockchain can be used to record important legal documents. With smart contracts being increasingly used in more and more legal situations, could this help set a precedent towards nations using Ethereum to record global treaties and other important declarations?

Images credit: Korea Summit Press Pool / Pool via Reuters

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