Ledger Unveils New Crypto Apps, Peels Curtain on Coming Projects

Ledger Unveils New Crypto Apps, Peels Curtain on Coming Projects

Ledger, makers of the popular Ledger Nano S and Ledger Blue cryptocurrency hardware wallets, announced today, August 7th, they had added eight new third-party cryptocurrency apps to their Ledger Live ecosystem. The company also revealed a Trello board where users can track projects with forthcoming support. 

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New Batch of Coins Up, More Coming

Popular digital wallet maestros Ledger have announced new third-party apps for eight cryptocurrencies, now allowing users to download via Ledger Live applications for Icon, Kowala, Ontology, Particl, PoA, RSK, VeChain, and Wanchain.

As the walletmakers explained in their launch post, compatible third-party wallets will initially be “required” for facilitating transactions with the new apps:

“These applications will be available for installation on Ledger devices through Ledger Live, the native companion app we’ve recently launched. However, the newly added cryptos are not directly compatible with Ledger Live and you’ll be required to use a compatible third-party wallet to perform transactions. Ledger Live will gradually incorporate full support for third-party applications, to enable Ledger users to not only install, but also transact with these new crypto assets directly from Ledger Live.”

The new wave of apps comes as part of the company’s inaugural First Tuesday Crypto initiative, an optimization-minded plan to have “new third-party device applications bundled in a single release” on “every first Tuesday of the month.”

Ledger Live
More downloads coming to Ledger Live soon.

The company also just released a “Ledger Roadmap” Trello board. Therein, users can track the development of upcoming apps, like those for Cardano, Tezos, and Lisk.

Ledger Covering Recent Erroneous Transactions

Last week, a bug in the new 1.3.0 version of Ledger Wallet Ethereum Chrome App, caused Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and ERC20 transactions — 64 in total — to be mistakenly sent to static addresses.

The walletmakers quickly tackled the bug and alerted the community and have since committed to transferring the “amounts related to these 64 transactions (including transaction fees) to those that have been impacted.”

For those who may have been affected, the company has instructed claimants to contact their support team. A respectable decision, to be sure, but perhaps their only one from a PR perspective.

What’s your take? What third-party crypto apps would you like to see for Ledger? Let us know in the comments section below. 

Images via Ledger, Fred Thoughts

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