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Ledger Nano S Now Available in Multiple Colors

Popular cryptocurrency hardware wallet provider Ledger has announced its Nano S device is now available in multiple colors. Aside from personalization, the company claimed the new “Nano S Color” will make storing crypto easier.

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New Colors Now Available for Ledger Nano S

Ledger announced the new color options in a blog post on its website. In addition to the basic black option, customers can now purchase a Nano S in Saffron Yellow, Flamingo Pink, Jade Green, Lagoon Blue, as well as an option with transparent plastic.

Ledger Nano S Color

Aside from the new colors, the hardware remains the same. With hardware-based security and support for over 700 cryptocurrencies, Ledger continues to tout itself as one of the top hardware wallet providers.

An obvious benefit of the new color options is personalization, but Ledger said they can serve a practical purpose as well. Ledger said hodlers that keep multiple cryptos on hardware wallets can now use the new options to color-code their wallets.

“For example, you may also want to use one wallet to keep Bitcoin and Litecoin, and another to store Ethereum and Ripple,” Ledger said in its announcement

The company said customers may want to color-code different wallets for different uses.

“Other individuals may be interested in using one wallet primarily for crypto assets and a second wallet primarily for the utility apps such as the Password manager. . .Hello and Woleet,” the company wrote.

Ledger CEO Eric Larchevêque told Bitsonline:

“Aside from the aesthetic of the new wallets, there are also practical uses for having a colored version, even if you already own a Ledger Nano S. For investors that want to store different coins on different wallets, having a colored wallet allows them to easily differentiate.  Additionally, owning a second device as a backup can also add an extra layer of security should your wallet be lost or stolen.”

Promotional Discount on Nano S Color

For a limited time, the Nano S Color will be on sale for up to 30 percent off. A purchase of a black Nano S plus one of the color options will get 20 percent off. Alternatively, purchasing a black Nano S plus two of the color option — including another black wallet — will receive a 30% discount.

The company did say it has excluded the White Paper Edition Nano S from this promotional discount, however.

Images via Ledger

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