Friday, October 7, 2022

Ledger Teams up With Tech Powerhouse Intel For ‘Software Enclaves’

Ledger Teams up With Tech Powerhouse Intel For ‘Software Enclaves’

Ledger — creator of the popular Nano S and Ledger Blue crypto hardware wallets — has officially locked in a partnership with legendary global tech company Intel. The project will entail imbuing Intel’s new “Software Extension Guard” (SGX) tech with Ledger’s proprietary, cutting-edge BOLOS operating system.

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The Parisian wallet manufacturer’s BOLOS operating system has impressed other hardware wallet startups the world over. It’s a revolutionary, ultra-secure system that allows Ledger’s hardware wallets to connect safely even with computers that are malware-compromised.

Now Ledger will be putting this OS to use in collaboration with one of the traditional tech industry’s OG titans: Intel.

Specifically, Ledger’s proprietary OS will be used to bring Intel’s planned secure software areas, titled “Software Guard Extensions,” or “SGX enclaves” for short, to reality.

Ledger’s BOLOS Will Guarantee Security of Intel’s SGX

Ledger’s prized OS will help full-proof the security of the data stored in Intel’s SGXs, as opposed to storing this data in applications — the point being that such applications are common targets for a wide array of devastating software attacks.

SGXs will close these attack vectors using BOLOS so that, in the example of cryptocurrency transactions, “private keys will be automatically generated and all cryptocurrency transactions will be signed within the Intel SGX secure enclave.”

Per Intel’s SGX summary page:

“[App code] remains protected even when the BIOS, VMM, operating system, and drivers are compromised, implying that an attacker with full execution control over the platform can be kept at bay.”

Sounds pretty damn secure to us.

Bullish Times For Ledger

With this Intel partnership, the future is clearly bright for hardware wallet maestro Ledger.

SGXs will be huge in the years ahead.

Indeed, the wallet manufacturer’s capabilities can now scale across all of Intel’s new platforms, as Rick Echevarria — General Manager of Platforms Security Division at Intel — told the press:

“By deploying Intel SGX, Ledger’s security for blockchain solutions gains instant scalability across Intel 8th Generation core platforms.”

And that’s not all. The company also just secured $7 million USD in a Series A funding round led by a couple of big players in the space, including Digital Currency Group.

They’ll be using these new funds to build a new factory in China, which means more production, when means more profits, which means this hardware wallet powerhouse isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

What do you think? Is the future bright for the creator’s of the Nano S wallet? Let us know if you like your Ledger products, or if you’re a TREZOR fan yourself in the comments below!

Images via Intel, TechCrunch

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