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Solved! Crypto Wallet Private Keys Hidden in Lego Art Found

Solved! Crypto Wallet Private Keys Hidden in Lego Art Found

The new Bauch Lego art series puzzles have been solved. Los Angeles-based artist Andy Bauch released a Lego art series called “New Money”, with bitcoin wallet private keys concealed within the patterns.

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Brick by Brick… Bringing Crypto to the Mainstream Through Lego

Bauch is known to bridge the digital world with the physical one through Lego. The “New Money” exhibition opened at the Castelli Art Space in Los Angeles on 23rd March. According to Bauch, the artwork is a way to explain cryptocurrencies for those who do not have a technical background:

“I am attempting to help those without computer science backgrounds visualize and understand the rather abstract concept of cryptocurrencies and simultaneously democratizing the potential and volatility that comes along with them.”

Each of the New Money pieces constitutes a private key to a digital wallet. Those able to crack the code, hidden in the abstract patterns gets to claim the wallet and the bitcoin inside them. The accumulated prize of all art pieces is equivalent to roughly $10,000 USD, consisting of bitcoin, litecoin, and other altcoins. The artist used 100,000 Lego bricks to construct the pieces.crypto lego artwork

From the Digital to the Physical World

The patterns Bauch embedded into the pieces were devised by a combination of “human and algorithm input”. On his website, Bauch states the he “utilizes computer algorithms and software assistance to create his mosaics, work that reflects the physical manifestation of the abstract threat of technological singularity.”

The label of each piece included the name of the cryptocurrency and how much the digital assets were worth at the time of the piece’s creation. At the exhibition, the live value of these Lego abstract art pieces was estimated.

Artist Marguerite deCourcelle is perhaps the best-known bitcoin puzzle artist, with TORCHED H34R7S taking almost three years to solve. Bauch is clearly in an exploratory mode when he muses:

“the central questions at the root of New Money are: “What is the value of art? And for that matter, what is the value of money?”

Puzzles Decoded Within Days

UK-based software developer James Stanley revealed on his website that he has claimed the bitcoin encoded under three Bauch pieces, totaling approximately 0.35 BTC ($3,000). Stanley has claimed the bitcoin encoded in $40, $50, and $60-priced artwork pieces.

Earlier a twitter user by the name SopaXorzTaker claimed the keys to the $20 and $30 artworks:

The first keys to be decoded were hidden in the $70 and $90 pieces by an unknown person. Bitcoin concealed within the $80 piece was also claimed by an unknown person.

While more in the business of making mass market entertainment than art, perhaps Warner Bros will carry on Bauch’s egacy and embed crypto wallet keys in the next Lego superhero blockbuster.

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Images via flickr, pixabay

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