London Court Sentences Men to 15 Years in Prison for Using Dark Web

London Court Sentences Men to 15 Years in Prison for Using Dark Web

Three London men will spend a total of 15 years in prison after a court found them guilty of buying illegal guns on the dark web.

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London Men Buy Guns on the Dark Web

London’s anti-terror police force found illegal firearms owned by Abdullah and Adam Ali, and Roman Nikolajevs in November 2015. The three men pleaded guilty to charges brought against them, and the court finally sentenced them in May — each man will spend 5 years in prison.

According to the Evening Standard, Adam Ali attempted to purchase a gun from the dark web, with his brother Abdullah succeeding in obtaining a firearm. Then Nikolajevs reportedly tested the gun for the brothers, becoming a partner in the brothers’ illegal activity.

dark web weapons dealers
From left to right: Adam Ali, Abdullah Ali, Roman Nikolajevs

When anti-terror police raided the brothers’ home, the Standard reported, they found a Hungarian FEG 9mm pistol, parts of an AK47, and ammunition.

According to information presented to the court, the pistol was deactivated when Abdullah purchased it from the dark web, and the three men had managed to reactivate it.

In addition to the illegal weapons, police found gunpowder ingredients, a bulletproof vest and books on manufacturing guns and ammunition.

Police also found digital media containing a US Army survival guide and more documentation on manufacturing weapons and explosives.

Dark Web Often a Source of Supplies for Criminals

Since the takedown of the Silk Road dark web market in 2013, the underground section of the internet has exploded with illicit activity.

While illegal drugs and firearms seem to be the main source of business on the dark web, criminals can trade stolen information as well.

For example, according to an April report by IBM Security, tax fraud increased greatly thanks to the dark web. Hackers would steal tax information — such as social security numbers and income statements — and sell them to fraudsters on the deep web.

Those fraudsters then use the information to file fake tax returns, which often result in them receiving tax refunds from the IRS.

Since the discovery of the original Silk Road market, law enforcement across the globe have initiated efforts to catch criminals using the deep web.

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Images via Pixabay, the Evening Standard

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