Lowest Ever Mobile Call Rates Are Here With Miracle Tele’s TELE Token

Lowest Ever Mobile Call Rates Are Here With Miracle Tele’s TELE Token

Miracle Tele, the mobile virtual network operator on blockchain, has announced public details of its TELE token sale, now ongoing to raise funds to build a decentralized mobile network to disrupt the mobile network industry centered around customer empowerment.

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Mobile phone technology has encroached into modern day lives and now forms a necessity for most people, with affordability meaning highest-ever penetration in every part of the world. As device costs have dropped, so have mobile services, though they can still represent significant costs brought about by expensive infrastructure: hardware, signal towers, operations and maintenance. And most of this cost is passed on to users, via their calls and data usage.

Providers themselves have been reluctant to lower costs, and continue to operate with paperwork, contracts and complicated terms, making users frustrated with services. But now, Miracle Tele proposes a solution to let anyone use mobile services to communicate, over a blockchain-powered decentralized network, to reach anyone, anywhere.

The Miraculous Solution of Miracle Tele

Instead of typical infrastructure, Miracle Tele turns to blockchain to provide a network, hugely reducing expenses and allowing Mobile Virtual Network (MVN) operators to offer calls and data at massively discounted rates.

Miracle Tele is a virtual network that will be present in over 163 countries. It has no roaming charges, with a flat outgoing rate of EUR 0.20 and free incoming calls. Its variable data plans are also the cheapest available.

Other features include:

– Pay as You Go: Use Miracle Tele without contracts and documentation. Give a name and address and the SIM card arrives at your doorstep.

– Virtual Numbers: Choose from any number of virtual numbers from US, EU, Canada, Australia and many other countries. They only cost between EUR 2 and EUR 3, first EUR 0.50 to EUR 1.50 monthly. Users can browse internet without data packages, which are independent.

– Free Services: Soon, you can always be online with free WhatsApp and Telegram.

– Multi Currency Top Ups: Pay for credit top ups with many fiat and crypto choices.

– Reward Program: Through staking of TELE tokens, users can receive rewards in fiat and crypto, based on a shared biweekly profit rate of 40%.

And with its own blockchain due in 2020, Ethereum transaction fees and limits will be a thing of the past. Say hello to cheaper rates and faster transactions!

Tele Token and the Miracle

Miracle Tele is based on the Ethereum blockchain and uses a native ERC20 TELE token to pay for all interactions. Its platform is used for topping up credits and rewards, via stakable TELE

A total supply of 150 million TELE tokens are available for purchase in the token sale at a base price of 1 Tele = EUR 0.1, with no time limit currently in place, and no minimal or maximum purchase amount.

A social media bounty campaign is ongoing, with an airdrop planned at the end of September to go on for a month.

Meanwhile, new value added services will continue to be launched throughout the token sale, including multi crypto wallet and prepaid crypto debit cards.

With Miracle Tele now in the final phases of testing, once the TELE token sale concludes, users can buy airtime and data with TELE on the platform.

Subsequent to distribution, TELE tokens are built to be resistant to market fluctuation from exchange listing. Token values will be directly linked to telecoms services, a virtual yet tangible value.

To learn more about Miracle Tele, visit the website. Follow Miracle Tele on Telegram, Twitter and Medium.

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