Making Bitcoin Succeed: An Exclusive Interview With Bruce Fenton

Making Bitcoin Succeed: An Exclusive Interview With Bruce Fenton

Bruce Fenton is a staple in the cryptocurrency space. Getting involved with Bitcoin early on, Fenton has invested in many tokens and crypto startups, co-founded the Bitcoin Foundation, and serves on the board of multiple blockchain financial firms. In an interview with Bitsonline, Fenton told us what he’s been doing lately, along with what he think Bitcoin needs to achieve in order to bring about a Cypherpunk revolution.

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Bruce Fenton: Why the Cypherpunks Are Important to Blockchain

Fenton spoke with Bitsonline after giving a presentation at the World Blockchain Forum in New York City. In that presentation, Fenton shared the story of how he got involved with cryptocurrency, and why this industry cannot avoid its radical, Cypherpunk roots.

After his talk, Fenton spoke with us and elaborated on the things he said during his presentation — namely his opinions on Bitcoin’s Cypherpunk roots. According to Fenton, the Cypherpunk ideology is inextricably linked with Bitcoin, and will influence its progression well into the future.

“The Cypherpunk roots are really important to [cryptocurrency],” Fenton said.

“It’s important to know where this project came from. . .all of this exists because of this, kind of, Chypherpunk movement.”

The blockchain gives people control over their lives through cryptography, Fenton added. Additionally, he said that the simple act of writing code and sharing it for free changes the incentives created by traditional economic models. Because of that, Fenton continued, blockchain is “a really good model.”

Where Will Bitcoin Go From Here?

Fenton also shared his opinions on what Bitcoin needs to achieve moving forward in order to realize the Cypherpunk ideologies it was built upon.

Blockchain security and mining decentralization are very important to Bitcoin’s success, Fenton said, and developers should work on ways to achieve those things without creating controversial forks — such as the chain-split that occurred in 2017 as a result of the Bitcoin scalability debate.

To get the full details on Fenton’s latest projects, what he thinks about the Cypherpunks, and what he believes Bitcoin needs to succeed in the future, watch the complete interview.

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