Interview with Max Meilleur, 2018's Money 20/20 Payments Race Winner

Interview with Max Meilleur, 2018’s Money 20/20 Payments Race Winner

Representing Team Cryptocurrency, Max Meilleur won this year’s Money 20/20 Payments Race in Las Vegas, Nevada. The win marks the second year in a row cryptocurrency took the first spot in the conference’s contest. Bitsonline spoke with Meilleur afterwards to get his thoughts on the victory.

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Cryptocurrency Wins Again

Following Team Cryptocurrency’s win of the 2018 edition of the Money 20/20 Payments Race, Bitsonline‘s George Levy interviewed Meilleur to see what it was like to exclusively use cryptocurrencies throughout a long-distance trip.

Meilleur told us he faced a wide range of challenges in representing Team Crypto this year. Namely, it’s still difficult using cryptocurrencies in most mainstream payments settings. Meilleur’s strategy revolved around leveraging the Wirex cryptocurrency wallet to make spending easier, though the going got tough at first.

“Day one, day two, my own energy level was below zero,” Meilleur said. “I was desperate, pulling my hair.”

For example, the eventual race winner explained that in New York City, he had resorted to using a pizza box on which he had written a sign to try and get people to help him to pay for a Subway ride.

“We all think in New York there’s a lot of crypto there, but it was impossible to get it,” Meilleur said.

Max Meilleur - Winner of 2018 Money 20/20 Payments Race
Max Meilleur holding a cardboard sign he wrote and used during the payments race.

‘This Victory Belongs to the People’

It wasn’t long before Meilleur got into the swing of things, however.

He noted after his victory that he could never have finished the adventure if it weren’t for the essential support the cryptocurrency community and all the people who followed him throughout the race.

“This victory belongs to all you guys,” he said, referring to the audience viewing the interview. “How do you go from New York to Vegas paying only in crypto? There is no other way than connecting with the people.”

Along the journey, Meilleur published regular video updates from the different cities he passed through, gaining a large social media following in the process and posting endorsements and encouragement as he made his way to Las Vegas, including a shout-out from Bitsonline‘s Jon Southurst and I.

Keeping Momentum Going

With the 2018 Money 20/20 Payments Race over, and Team Crypto winning once more, the attention has shifted to what will happen next for Meilleur now that his profile has been raised in spreading awareness and knowledge of cryptocurrencies.

“People came together, which was fantastic,” Meilleur told us. “I want to serve that wave, keep on helping more people. That’s what I’m looking for.”

Forward and onward, then. Perhaps there’s a three-peat in store for the reigning champs next year. There’s definitely enough heart in the ecosystem to hold the title.

Was Team Cryptocurrency’s victory on the Money 20/20 Payments Race a surprise? Do you think cryptocurrency can win again in next year’s race? Let us know in the comments below!

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