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McAfee Goes to China for ‘Shape the Future’ Global Summit

McAfee Goes to China for ‘Shape the Future’ Global Summit

Entrepreneur and 2016 Libertarian Party presidential candidate John McAfee will appear at the “Shape the Future” Blockchain Global Summit in Beijing in September.

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The eccentric tech security millionaire turned Bitcoin mining operator via MGT Capital Investments will make a presentation and participate in a roundtable discussion.

McAfee’s presence will no doubt draw more curious participants to the event, both Chinese and international. Rarely out of the headlines, he recently told the world he would “eat his own dick on national television” if bitcoin did not reach $500K to $2 million USD in the next few years.

He was also briefly hospitalized last week after what he claimed was an attempt on his life.

The “Shape the Future” Summit is a one-day event featuring a number of prominent figures from the Chinese and international Bitcoin community. It will include the premiere screening of BitKan’s documentary “Shape the Future”, detailing the dramatic rise of the blockchain industry in China.

Bitsonline is a media partner to the event, which is being organized by BitKan. Anyone who’d like to attend can use the code “bitsonline” to get a 20 percent discount on ticket prices.

It will take place on Sunday 10th September at the Sofitel Wanda Beijing.

China, McAfee All Part of the Mysterious Bitcoin Story

Chinese companies — most in hardware manufacture, mining and exchanges — have played a huge role in Bitcoin’s growth internationally. Chinese investors and politics have definitely impacted its price.

Arguably, Bitcoin could never have achieved its current status and mystique without China. To hear so many of its leaders offer their direct insights in one place is a rare opportunity.

Last time Beijing hosted a major Bitcoin event, in 2014, exchanges were discouraged from attending. BitKan’s program show how much has changed in the past three years.

Speakers at the “Shape the Future” Summit include Bitmain’s Jihan Wu, Huobi’s Leon Li, OKCoin’s Star Xu, Bixin’s Gang Wu, CHBTC’s Dawei Li, ViaBTC’s Haipo Yang, and BitKan’s own CEO Leon Liu.

Overseas guests include Roger Ver, RSK Labs CEO Diego Gutiérrez Zaldívar, Evan Duffield and Ryan Taylor of DASH, Wings CEO Stas Oskin, and several partners representing the international Bitcoin media.

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Images via MGTCI, Jon Southurst

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