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Bitcoin Bull McAfee Officially Reveals His Whopping Price Per Tweet

Bitcoin Bull McAfee Officially Reveals His Whopping Price Per Tweet

The team of bitcoin firebrand John McAfee just revealed his price to promote a digital asset or ICO via Twitter: a whopping $105,000 USD per tweet. Love him or hate him, McAfee is one of the most influential crypto figures on social media and has had a large impact on the markets in the past.

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McAfee’s Initial Announcement

On February 21st, 2018, McAfee revealed in a Facebook post a website that is officially operated by his crypto team under his guidance. As such, he serves as the CEO of the company, with his wife Janice McAfee as Executive Director. The website provides a myriad of crypto-related services such as whitepaper support, audience reach, and strategic analysis for ICO projects.

In the Facebook post, the former McAfee Security maestro wrote:

“My team begged for a website. Believed we’d look professional. More likely we’ll just frighten people. We are a ragged bunch and my senior staff look like thugs. But I only work with precocious people – an odd bunch. We are the best. Prepare yourselves:”

McAfee Team Hones In on ICOs

There are hundreds of coins in the market that wish to gain fame but aren’t able to reach their desired levels with traditional marketing means. It’s these plays that the crypto evangelist and his team are entrepreneurially targeting.

According to their updated website, McAfee’s tweets have been one of the most cost-effective marketing options available in the space since his 800,000 followers on Twitter can amplify a message many times over.

Accordingly, the website states:

“Given Mr. McAfee’s price of $105,000 per tweet, the cost per investor reached is the least costly of any marketing avenue in the crypto world. Considering only his own followers, the cost per investor reached is $0.13.”

In the past, McAfee’s “Coin of the day” and “Coin of the week” posts have caused a ruckus in the ecosystem. The grand question now is, are his recommendations just an excellent cash cow or does the influencer sincerely back his recommendations?

Either way, people will keep paying for his services, and he’ll keep offering them so long as he likes.

Is it right, or beyond morality, to charge for influence in the crypto market? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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