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NAGA Opens Pre-Registration of Cryptocurrency Debit Card

NAGA Opens Pre-Registration of Cryptocurrency Debit Card

Bitcoin Press Release: Almost six months ahead of schedule, NAGA opens the pre-registration for the NAGA Debit Card with an initial run of 10,000 cards. This exciting development sees the Debit Card become the first fully-functioning, crypto-friendly debit card on the market.

February 23nd, 2018, Belize City, Belize – Debit Card holders will be able to use the card all over the world, wherever MasterCard is accepted. Funding of the card is simple and can be done with all of the traditional methods. The great advantage of the Debit Card, however, is that you can also fund with cryptocurrencies, including the NAGA Coin.

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As part of the ongoing push to grow the Ecosystem, the Debit Card will soon become fully integrated into all of the project’s platforms. Users of NAGA TRADER (formerly SwipeStox), the company’s social trading platform, will be able to transfer their stock market profits directly to the Debit Card and spend their winnings on “real-world” purchases.

Users of Switex, the company’s soon to be launched gaming platform, will similarly be able to transfer their in-game profits into cash that can be spent offline and online, all over the world. Users can fund the NAGA debit card directly from their wallets (coming soon). 35% of Debit cards have been claimed during the first day of pre-registration, thus far, so act fast to join the financial revolution.

Ahead of the Game

The Debit Card will be ahead of the game and continues the disruptive tone set by other products and services. After completing one of 2017’s most successful Token Sales, 2018 promises to be yet another year of growth, innovation, and progress for the project. Don’t miss out on your chance to be one of the first lucky 10,000 people to secure your Debit Card pre-registration slot.

The Coin

The fact that the Debit Card can be funded by all of the major cryptocurrencies is a game-changer, but one of the most exciting features of the Debit Card will be the incorporation of the utility token, the NGC. As 2018 progresses, NGC will become the main unit of account on all NAGA platforms. Users of the coin on TRADER and Switex will get reduced commissions and other benefits on both platforms and the transferring of NGC across the platforms to the Debit Card will be seamless.

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