nChain Publishes Release Candidate for Bitcoin SV Client Version 0.1

nChain Publishes Release Candidate for Bitcoin SV Client Version 0.1

With only weeks left before a November 2018 hard fork of the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain, nChain has published its release client for Bitcoin SV version 0.1, a new full-node BCH implementation. The development bodes for continued bifurcation among the cryptocurrency’s Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV camps. 

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Bitcoin SV Version 0.1 Now Available on GitHub

Built by nChain and backed by Calvin Ayre’s CoinGeek Mining, Bitcoin SV, with SV short for “Satoshi’s Vision,” has taken another step closer to actualization upon nChain’s publication of version 0.1 release candidate of the SV client.

A release candidate is a product that is still undergoing quality assurance tests ahead of an anticipated full release. A client is software that provides an interface, which, in SV’s case, means an interface for interacting with the Bitcoin Cash blockchain.

SV now formally joins the ranks of its BCH peer clients, which include Bitcoin ABC, Bitcoin Unlimited, Bitcoin XT, and Bitprim nodes.

At press time, these clients’ respective node counts on the Bitcoin Cash network were as follows:

  • Bitcoin ABC (1052 nodes)
  • Bitcoin Unlimited (757 nodes)
  • Bitcoin XT (21 nodes)
  • Bitcoin SV (21 nodes)
  • Bitprim (20 nodes)

Toward the Creator?

Per nChain, Bitcoin SV is “designed to fulfill the vision set out by Satoshi Nakamoto’s original Bitcoin white paper.”

That’s a bold assertion that many factions across the cryptoverse would contest, but nChain — headed up by Jimmy Nguyen and the group’s controversial chief technical officer (and once self-described Satoshi) Dr. Craig S. Wright — has underpinned that assertion by re-enabling certain op_codes in SV that were originally allowed in the Bitcoin blockchain.

Bitcoin SV
Will Bitcoin SV gain traction in the BCH community?

These op_codes include OP_INVERT, OP_LSHIFT, OP_MUL, and more. 500 op_codes per script are being allowed in SV v0.1, with plans to kill any limitations on the amount “entirely at a later time.”

SV v0.1 will also enforce 128 MB as the maximum size of acceptable blocks, up 300 percent from the previous limit of 32 MB.

Schism A-Brewin’?

Increasingly public disagreements between nChain and CoinGeek on the one side and the Bitcoin ABC team on the other have led to conjecture that a total schism within BCH may be nigh.

In that sense, the publication of SV v0.1 likely marks the latest decisive step toward that scenario.

The split has already been widened in recent weeks by spats over nChain’s growing number of patents as well as the “Canonical Transaction Ordering Rule,” or CTOR, which Bitcoin ABC plans to include in the upcoming November 2018 hard fork.

ABC and its backers contend CTOR will improve block propagation, among other benefits. nChain and CoinGeek, on the other hand, have strongly contested that argument in saying that CTOR would be unhelpful and redundant.

The debate has dragged in onlookers from all directions, including Bitcoin Unlimited chief scientist Peter Rizun, who recently called for a temporary postponement of BCH’s impending November hard fork.

If further fracturing occurs in the cryptocurrency’s community, it’ll be a far cry from the united front displayed in the BCH ecosystem just a few weeks ago on Bitcoin Cash Stress Test Day.

What’s your take? Do you think a BCH schism is unavoidable? Let us know where you stand in the comments section below. 

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