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New Blockchain Comparison Tool Demystifies Blockchain Selection Process

Independent technology company WhatMatrix has released a blockchain platform comparison tool that will allow business leaders to become familiar with the technology more quickly. The tool reviews and compares the security models, consensus algorithms, and business applications of leading enterprise blockchain solutions. Additionally, chains are given a viability score based on their underlying protocols and potential for integration and adoption.

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Greater Insight and Visibility Into the Blockchain Blackbox

As a result of the media hype surrounding blockchain technologies, getting an unbiased review of what solution might be the most appropriate for any given enterprise can be overwhelming.

The WhatMatrix Blockchain Comparison Tool is designed so industry leaders can understand the vital technical performance metrics of their preferred blockchain and decide if that underlying chain meets their performance, security, and scalability needs.

With help from MLG Blockchain, WhatMatrix hopes that the tool continues to evolve and becomes an industry leader when it comes to comparing different enterprise architectures and their various use cases. Jeff Holek, a consultant with WhatMatrix, expanded on why the tool was so important:

“Other comparison sites we looked at perform little or no technical analysis, [and] evaluations appear [to be] based on user reviews or vendor-submitted data.”


Enterprise-Focused Technical Review

By going under the hood of leading blockchains such as IBM’s blockchain offering, the Tron Protocol, Hyperledger Fabric, and the Ripple Protocol, the analytical tool helps answer basic questions in a one-stop shop style. It assesses what software development kits are available for developers as well as what type of API support is available.

Regardless of which solution becomes the leader in the world of enterprise blockchains, it is important that best practices and standards are defined and universally understood. WhatMatrix’s tool is designed for entrepreneurs who are ready to leverage distributed ledger technologies to reduce friction and pain points for customers in ways once thought impossible.

Would you recommend this Comparison Tool to a company or business leader? Why or why not?

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