ChainLink, Zilliqa Advisor to Be Blockchain Engineering Head at Facebook

ChainLink, Zilliqa Advisor to Be Blockchain Engineering Head at Facebook

Facebook engineer Evan Cheng has now been formally slotted as Director of Blockchain Engineering at the powerhouse social media company. Cheng, who’s served as an advisor to crypto plays ChainLink and Zilliqa, will now be a lead builder as Facebook develops its future blockchain moves.

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Cheng Now Takes Over the Reins

Facebook engineer Evan Cheng will now take up the position of Director of Engineering, Blockchain, at the company, the latest move by Facebook that highlights its increasingly serious pivot toward blockchain technology.

Cheng, who previously lead the department of Programming Languages & Runtimes at the company, will now guide the social medai titan in building out its blockchain future.

In an interesting wrinkle for the respective projects, Cheng has served as an advisor for decentralized oracle play ChainLink and “next-gen high throughput blockchain platform” Zilliqa.

Cheng’s ChainLink advisorship profile.

What such a development means for these projects’ futures remains unclear for now. But the crypto upstarts have got friends in even higher places than before, a factor that surely won’t be lost on these projects’ constituent communities.

Facebook’s Delving Deeper Into Blockchain, Crypto

Back in May 2018, Facebook hired former Messenger executive David Marcus to head up its new blockchain team.

Then in May, word broke that the company was “very serious” about introducing its own cryptocurrency. In June, another domino dropped when the company announced it would be lifting its cryptocurrency ad ban for projects that received “written permission.”

Now, Cheng’s re-appointment comes as rumors swirl that Facebook might be looking at buying up cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. Such claims are more smoke than fire for now, but with the company’s recent blockchain-centric moves, it wouldn’t be the most surprising acquisition, though it would most certainly be a blockbuster deal.

In the mean time, we’ll just have to wait see where Cheng and the House That Zuckerberg Built go from here.

What’s your take? Where does Facebook’s blockchain mission go from here? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Images via Pixabay, SmartContract

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