NFLPA Nabs Stake in SportsCastr for Tokenized Player-Driven Commentary

NFLPA Nabs Stake in SportsCastr for Tokenized Player-Driven Commentary

SportsCastr of FanChain fame declared today, July 31st, that the NFLA Players Association (NFLPA) has purchased a minority stake in their company, an Ethereum-based play focused on allowing anyone to provide color commentary on live games. Per the deal, former and active NFL players will become creators of interactive, tokenized content on the platform. The move is a step toward bringing the marriage of crypto and sports into the mainstream.

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NFL Players to Livestream Via SportsCastr

The National Football League’s Players Association, the union for NFL athletes, has acquired a minority stake in SportsCastr, creators of the FanChain token and with high-profile backers in former NBA commisioner David Stern and current Washington Redskins tight end Vernon Davis.

The agreement, facilitated by the NFLPA’s OneTeam Collective business accelerator and the association’s NFLPA Inc. licensing arm, will see popular NFL players both past and present livestreaming commentary on a variety of games, sports-centric topics, and personal interests.

Accordingly, with the help of ACE Media, the NFLPA is set to “collaborate with SportsCastr to produce NFL player and other athlete-driven content featured on the SportsCastr platform.”

Talking ball with former NFL running back Justin Forsett via SportsCastr.

The commentary ecosystem will allow FanChain tokens to be “used to unlock premium NFL player content (such as back-stage access), purchase sports tickets or merchandise, and send virtual gifts to NFL players,” among other token-based perks, per the announcement.

Toward a new token-driven outlet for players.

“As players we see the value in sharing more of our personalities and unique content with fans and we’re excited about where this live stream tech is headed,” said Vernon Davis, a SportsCastr advisor.

What to Expect Going Forward

In an email to Bitsonline, SportsCastr CEO Kevin April said his team expects “more league and union partnerships” to be nigh:

“The NFLPA is just the beginning. It’s the first time (to our knowledge) that a major sports union has invested in a cryptocurrency-related company, and we expect that it will act as a powerful foundation from which we can build further partnerships. By this time next year, we anticipate more league and union partnerships, and we are working hard on developing relationships with teams and rights-holders (both domestically and globally). One area we are aggressively pursuing is the integration of live sporting events streamed directly on our platform.”

Bitsonline also reached out to Casey Schwab, Vice President of Business and Legal Affairs with NFL Players Inc., who told me that “targeted campaigns” will create a “floor” of player commentators, but there will be “no ceiling for organic content from NFL Players”:

“With this partnership, any NFL player can use SportsCastr as a one-of-a-kind platform to share commentary or share live-streams. Additionally, we will also work with SportsCastr to develop targeted campaigns based on our player-specific knowledge. In other words, as part of the deal, a minimum cohort of players will use the platform for targeted activations; but that is only a floor, there is no ceiling for organic content from NFL players. That’s the exciting part. We expect the content to be a mix of authentic live-streams (like video game tournaments) and professionally-produced events (like live sporting events).”

With that said, the first NFL players commentators will go live on the platform in Q3 2018, coinciding with the start of the 2018-2019 NFL Season.

What’s your take? Do you think platforms like SportsCastr have mainstream potential going forward? Let us know in the comments sections below. 

Images via SportsCastr, PIxabay

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