NHCT Announces October Pre-Sales for Tokenized Healthcare Platform

NHCT Announces October Pre-Sales for Tokenized Healthcare Platform

NanoHealthCareToken (NHCT.io) began its pre-sale on October 1st, 2018, aiming to raise funds for the development of a total health ecosystem powered by blockchain. Participants in this early round of funding stand to gain from a 35% bonus in NHCT tokens.

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With offices in India and the Cayman Islands, NHCT is well established to meet its aim of raising $9 million of a hard cap by December 15th, 2018, beginning with the pre-sale and progressively via a general public sale later. Its existing healthcare app (available on both Google Play Store and iOS App Store) will be further developed and popularized via the crowdsale proceeds.

Large participants in the token generation event can also take advantage of a unique guaranteed capital protection feature, whereby participants who put in more than $100,000 will receive equity backing to protect their contributions.

Total Health on One Platform

The NHCT healthcare management platform is based on the foundations of preventive medical care, as opposed to reactive medical care. Using the innovative features of efficiency made possible by blockchain, it directly tackles the deep-rooted problems of modern healthcare, such as data security and fragmentation as well as rising costs.

The NanoHealth solution has already received recognition, winning the prestigious HULT prize in 2014, along with a $1 million seed funding grant, helping them build a global health and wellness ecosystem for a global audience.

Led by IIT Bombay and ISB Hyderabad alumnus Manish Ranjan, NHCT.io addresses the multiple inefficiencies plaguing the industry: namely managing user data securely in an easily accessible manner, on a tamper-proof and hack-proof blockchain platform that delivers the highest accuracy for healthcare providers and consumers.

Rajan said:

“Our idea is to gamify the entire system by using tokens. We incentivize users to stay healthy via tokens that can be redeemed to avail services like gym, wellness, lab tests among others; while payers and providers get the advantage of accurate data & lesser claims. We are trying to make the entire ecosystem efficient.”

More than 75,000 people have already benefited from NanoHealth‘s “health coaches,” who provide continuous care in a coordinated manner. These coaches are highly-trained medical staff integral to NHCT’s mechanism, each providing personalized care, while authenticating data and promoting a higher user adherence rate.

NHCT CTO Nagarjuna Vangala believes that after more than 20 years of management of enterprise-scale applications, blockchain technology represents the perfect fit for NHCT’s goals, with its concepts of decentralization and cryptographic security capable of righting the industry’s shortfalls:

“The idea is to give the control of data back to where it belongs: to the users.”

The NHCT Token Sale

NHCT.io will conduct two phases during its token generation event, beginning with a pre-sale and concluding with a general public sale, offering a total supply of 350 million NHCT tokens for purchase.

Those interested in participating can apply now at https://www.nhct.io/ and benefit from the ongoing early bird offer, subject to limited availability.

To learn more, visit the NHCT official website or get their latest insights on their Medium blog. To connect with the community, join them on Telegram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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