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Nick Spanos Shares How Zap Can Help With Data Selling

Nick Spanos, founder of the famous New York Bitcoin Center, is now working on a project called Zap. This platform is a blockchain-based ecosystem for selling data — pretty much any data, according to Spanos in an interview with Bitsonline.

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Zap: Selling Data on the Blockchain

Zap allows users to buy and sell data from each other over the blockchain, which theoretically makes the process faster and more secure than traditional methods.

Another feature Spanos said the blockchain adds to data trading is verification. With blockchain-based trades powered by smart contracts, buyers and sellers have a higher level of confidence that the information they’re dealing with is real, true, and that it cannot be copied without permission.

Additionally, Spanos said the platform will be able to facilitate the trading of several different categories of data, such as:

  • Soil data for farming/agricultural use
  • Video streams
  • Pricing data for decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges

Spanos told Bitsonline that the Zap APIs are now available to developers, so people can begin building applications using the platform.

To learn more about Zap and what it does, watch our video interview with Spanos in full

Nick Spanos: A Lifetime of Being Early to the Party

While most of us know Spanos as the founder of the now-defunct New York Bitcoin Center — a phsycial space on Wall Street where people could buy and sell bitcoin — he has actually been working on tech projects for decades.

For example, Spanos built his first computer in the 1970s, and then build his own modem in the very early days of the internet.

Then, once the internet began its global rise, he helped build predecessors to Uber and AirBnb.

And now, he’s putting all his effort into Bitcoin and the blockchain, with a firm belief that it is the next great technological revolution.

To learn more on how Spanos feels about his work in the online world, watch his full presentation at the World Blockchain Forum.

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