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Full Speed Ahead with The North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami

Full Speed Ahead with The North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami

January is Bitcoin month in Florida, and The North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami is the main event. Attendees and speakers are coming from all over the world for networking, presentations, and to learn more about cryptocurrencies. In fact, this is a record breaking year, with over 4000 attendee tickets being sold for the event.

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The North American Bitcoin Conference, or TNABC, will launch on the evening of January 17th with the traditional kickoff party at The Cleavlander on South Beach, Miami. January 18th and 19th will be packed full of presentations, various panels, and ICO pitch sessions.

This year will have over 80 different speakers that will present on various topics related to cryptocurrency. The keynote speaker will be CEO Patrick Byrne. Overstock was one of the earliest non-darknet retailers to accept Bitcoin, with Byrne being at the forefront of this initiative.


Opening and closing statements will be made by TNABC founder, Moe Levin. Some other notable crypto semi-celebrities that will be speaking include Brock Pierce, Charlie Shrem, Jeffrey Tucker, Bruce Fenton, Brian Hoffman, Riccardo “Fluffy Pony” Spagni, and many more.

Panels and Presentations Galore

Besides the individual presentations, there will also be industry panels, including a panel on regulation issues.

The Regulation Panel will include legal experts Matthew E. Kohen, Marco Santori, Brian Klein, and Veronica McGregor. They will be discussing all matters related to crypto regulations, such as SEC actions, FinCEN requirements, and other important legal topics. This past year, regulators have expressed that they will now be ramping up enforcement, so this promises to be a good overview for anyone doing business in this industry.

In addition to the speakers, this year will also have “ICO Pitch Sessions.” In these sessions, the various ICOs (“Initial Coin Offerings”) that have paid for a sponsorship or booths will have the opportunity to pitch their various offerings on the main stage. There will be seven ICO Pitch sessions on each day of the conference, with 33 ICOs presenting in total.

With all the excitement, drama, and development that has happened in the cryptosphere this past year, the 2018 North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami is a great way to warm up from the cold and kick off the new year!

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