Sunday, November 27, 2022

OmiseGO Opens Up eWallet, SDK Repositories to Boost OMG Ecosystem

OmiseGO Opens Up eWallet, SDK Repositories to Boost OMG Ecosystem

OmiseGO, the Ethereum-based payments ecosystem play that aims to make future commerce chain-agnostic, just published open-source repositories for the OMG eWallet, mobile software development kits (SDKs), and the project’s inaugural server. The point? To kickstart growth in the OMG community. 

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A Turning Point for OmiseGO

On February 28th, OmiseGO Product Lead Jeremy Lam announced public access to beta repositories dealing with the project’s eWallet backend, a sample server for said backend, and iOS, Android, and Ruby SDKs.

It’s a significant development, as it marks the very beginning of the realization of the federated network of eWallets that will comprise the OMG network’s surface layer.

As Lam declared and qualified:

“[W]e are pleased to announce that the repositories for the OmiseGO eWallet, as well as our first server and mobile SDKs, are now publicly available for the purpose of onboarding eWallet providers.

[…] The opening of the code is not the full or final release of the SDK. It is only the first and most basic implementation of a single layer of the whole platform, not yet optimized for the decentralized economy that is our ultimate goal. As hinted […] at a recent meetup, the scalable PoS network and DEX are making incredible progress.”

So, there’s a lot more to come, but important beginning steps have now formally been taken.

OMG Native Blockchain on Horizon

The OmiseGO project is already one of the most dominant subprojects within the Ethereum ecosystem, currently enjoying a market cap at press time of just over $2 billion USD.

That dominance should be set to increase with the release of these new repositories, as they should bring an influx of new skilled interest to the project.

For Lam and the rest of the team, then, everything’s falling into place before the impending launch of OMG’s own native blockchain:

“As previously mentioned, blockchain support is not yet included; integration with the OMG Network and a clear migration path to full decentralization will be provided in the future. The first steps to decentralization and integration to the blockchain will occur later this year.”

Speaking of Developments, a New Solidity Debugger’s Here

In general, the cryptoverse is still largely premature.

Yet there are bouts of constant progress on many fronts, and the team over at Truffle have just notched a significant contribution in releasing a new debugger for Ethereum’s programming language, Solidity.

Truffle announced:

“Ethereum development practices are years behind the rest of the industry, and it’s our job to build tools that modernize our craft. Well today, Truffle’s come one step closer to that goal. We’re happy to announce the release of our fully featured, fully portable Solidity debugger and debugging libraries.”

It’s a move that should help maturate Ethereum that much more. That in turn helps all of the subprojects under its current purview.

What’s your take? Does the publicizing of these repositories mark a step forward for OmiseGO? Sound off in the comments below.

Images via nichemarket, Bittrex

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