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OWO or Bust: How This Entrepreneur Came Back After Losing His Team

OWO or Bust: How This Entrepreneur Came Back After Losing His Team

Anari Sengbe is a veteran entrepreneur. Following a rags-to-riches story he doesn’t care to talk about, Sengbe entered the Bitcoin world and became the first to launch a gaming-focused cryptocurrency. But he ran out of resources, and moved on to a project that resulted in his entire team abandoning him — all quitting on the same day. Instead of giving up, he soldiered on, and eventually found refuge and entrepreneurial rebirth in the friendship of a bitcoin trader. 

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Gamerholic: A Coin Before Its Time

Sengbe launched Gamerholic in 2014, before gaming cryptocurrencies had the following they currently enjoy. With this venture, the entrepreneur seriously shifted his focus. Coming from the world of traditional tech — working on projects for Mercedez-Benz, Master Card, and the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign — Sengbe ambitiously built Gamerholic as a blockchain-based platform that allowed casual gamers to make bets with one another.

According to Sengbe, he spent over a year working in the San Francisco offices of Yetizen, the world’s top gaming accelerator. While there, he witnessed the company write “checks to a pile of silly game ideas, but wouldn’t touch Gamerholic.” But Sengbe continued working. He managed to have Gamerholic Coin listed on the Bittrex cryptocurrency exchange, and landed an audition on the popular Shark Tank TV show.

However, the cryptocurrency developer and entrepreneur didn’t make the cut on and got booted off the show. With no VC funding, the project eventually ran out of resources. Bittrex delisted Gamerholic Coin, and Sengbe ultimately had to stop development on the platform.

While he didn’t see success of his own, Sengbe soon found out that he had been on the right track. The founder of Yetizen, the company that refused to fund his project, began launching ICOs for game products. And Mark Cuban, one of the Shark Tank investors that turned Sengbe down, shelled out $25 million USD in funding for blockchain gaming startup Unikrn.

OWO: A Phoenix From the Ashes

After Gamerholic, Sengbe stayed in the cryptocurrency world, but shifted focus towards building what you might call a “traditional” coin. He framed his new project, OWO, as a monetary token with extremely low transaction fees..

Sengbe had difficulty building a team for this project, calling himself an “awkward black guy.” According to Sengbe, people in the US expect African Americans to be confident and charismatic, traits he himself lacked at times. As such, Sengbe said people in the entrepreneurial world avoided him. Nevertheless, he managed to build a team of five people to help him work on OWO.

To raise funding for the project, Sengbe and his team came up with the “Discounted Mining Offer,” what he believes is a revolutionary take on the already-genius ICO fundraising model.


However, in a single day, Sengbe’s professional world crumbled around him. In the middle of building OWO, his entire team quit on the same day, leaving him to work on the project alone and putting him in a perilous situation.

But Sengbe didn’t lose hope. He locked himself in his “nerdkave” for 2 months and finished building OWO, producing a working version of the platform. Eventually, however, he found support from an unlikely source. Enter bitcoin Z-.

Bitcoin Z-, a cryptocurrency trader that had befriended Sengbe a few years ago, heard what happened with the OWO team and felt shocked.

“The shit he built for Mercedes-Benz is dope, the Mastercard application is impressive advanced thinking,” Z- said.

Having his entire team leave Sengbe in one day “wasn’t cool,” Z- continued.

“That pissed me off to be honest. . .You don’t leave him hanging like that when he brought you in.”

“When I learned his team quit. . .I had to make sure his confidence wasn’t affected. I had to do more to support him, so I got a group of traders together and got him some funding to keep going.”

With that modest injection of capital in his pocket, Sengbe got back to work.

OWO Low-Tech Atomic Swaps

 Now, with a fully-functioning platform, and backing from a group of cryptocurrency traders, Sengbe had to figure out how to enable cross-currency trading for OWO. Normally, a project would have their coin listed on an exchange. However, Sengbe didn’t have the funds to pay the listing fees, so he had to get creative. From that creativity came OWO’s “low-tech atomic swaps.”

Using the Bitcoin blockchain as an open API, a user’s BIP32 xpub generates addresses in their bitcoin wallet. From there, another user can send an amount of bitcoin in exchange for OWO, depositing the bitcoin payment directly into the recipient’s bitcoin wallet with no third-party interference.

Thus, OWO traders can use these low-tech atomic swaps to set their own prices for their tokens, without relying on major exchanges to establish prices and facilitate trades. Essentially, these swaps allow for a decentralized marketplace for OWO tokens.

“This simple method of giving OWO value should be commended,” Z- said.

“Say what you want, [but] he did it and he did it in a way that will be an example for other’s to follow. Anyone can create a coin now and not worry about exchange listing or delisting.”

Sengbe: ‘I Stay Coding’

With this accomplishment under his belt, Sengbe continues to work on OWO. With a long road ahead, the entrepreneur is prepared.

“These days, I stay coding,” Sengbe said.

“If I stop, I start to think about it, I get depressed,” he continued, referring to the pain of losing his team unexpectedly.

“I haven’t gotten over it, I invested a lot of time and pride into that team. That experience changed me for sure.”

And from that experience, Sengbe emerged with a new support system, and a major accomplishment for trading OWO tokens.

So, whether his latest project ultimately succeeds or fails, one thing is for sure: Anari Sengbe will never give up.

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