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The OWO Discounted Mining Offer: An Alternative to the ICO

The Initial Coin Offering (ICO): it’s all the rage now in the fundraising world. Powered by the blockchain, ICOs offer investors crypto-tokens that represent a stake in the project — be it a bold new business venture or the next great gaming platform. And in true crypto world fashion, there is already an alternative vying for the title of fundraising king.

This is a press release provided by OWO.

It’s called the Discounted Mining Offer (DMO), and it’s being introduced by OWO, a cryptocurrency designed to have perpetually-low transaction fees.

Combining the ICO and Mining for Greater Value

Unlike an ICO, where investors purchase pre-mined or yet-to-be-mined tokens, the DMO gives investors a stake in the cryptocurrency’s mining process.

In other words, you buy ownership over the mining power for a set amount of coins.

“It’s no different than a cloud mining contract,” said OWO creator Anari Sengbe, except for the fact that your investment has two benefits:

  1. You get coins that are expected to skyrocket in value, presenting a promising investment opportunity
  2. You’re funding the continued development of the project, further increasing the likelihood that your investment will become profitable.

With any other cryptocurrency, you’d have to pay twice: once to participate in the ICO, and again to mine more tokens. The DMO makes both those things possible with one purchase, making cryptocurrency investing much more affordable.

Furthermore, by combining fundraising and mining, the DMO lowers the amount of coins needed to successfully fund development. Therefore, the coins you own are part of a more limited supply, making them that much more valuable.


‘Mining Is Part of Our Story’

The idea for the DMO came from a genuine respect for the mining process, said Sengbe:

“ICOs are a great medium, the abundance of profit stories via ICOs have been a great thing in getting this new energy around the industry. Says Anari, however mining is part of our story. It’s the most important piece and the best part of even bitcoin in my opinion. Mining is the poverty solver, in the new future. Every home and apartment will have a miner much like apartments come with a microwave.”

And by tying mining to the crypto fundraising craze, the highly respectable process of creating coins and building blockchains will return to the spotlight.

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About OWO

OWO is a new cryptocurrency with the goal of making transaction fees cheap — forever. No more worries about network congestion and block sizes, just simple and cheap payments. OWO achieves perpetually low fees through two new concepts: Dynamic Circulating Supply and the Smart Address. In Dynamic Circulating Supply, mining difficulty is attached to the amount of OWO in circulation. Users can burn the coins in circulation, which in turns lowers mining difficulty and cost. Furthermore, with the Smart Address, users can add additional information to their OWO addresses, making them more efficient in machine consumption. More information about OWO and its benefits can be found at

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