Peaceful Warrior Launches E-Commerce and Lifestyle Site Built by, Aimed at Women

Peaceful Warrior Launches E-Commerce and Lifestyle Site Built by, Aimed at Women

Peaceful Warrior, known for its Bitcoin Cash jewelry line, has launched a new lifestyle and e-commerce site aimed at women. The platform gives merchants from around the world global reach and the ability to accept cryptocurrency regardless of their economic state or country restrictions. The all-female team is launching the site after seeing a huge gap in the market for shoppers with crypto to burn.

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Peaceful Warrior team
L-R: Emily Dallara, Tammy Joo, Akane Yokoo of Peaceful Warrior

All-Female Team Creating a Global Crypto Economy for Independent Merchants

Currently, accepts BCH, BTC and ETH directly, and DASH (via AtomicPay) for payments. CMO and co-founder Emily Dallara said this offers a plurality of choice for customers to pay with their favorite coin. The site has added PayPal as a backup payment option for consumers still on the fence, but the platform encourages crypto use.

The all-female team behind the project consists of Dallara, Bitsonline contributor Akane Yokoo, and Tammy Joo, together with Eleonore Blanc and Ani Calis of publishing platform Honest.Cash.

Speaking to Bitsonline, Dallara said the core team of three hand-picks the products that appear on the site — with a focus on those that are eco-conscious, unique, handmade, and made by small merchants.

Though the range of products on sale at launch time is minimal, the goal is a fully multi-vendor site where everyone can create their own merchant accounts, hopefully starting Q4 this year. At present, the small team is manually reviewing and adding a list of merchants and products. Dallara explained the rationale for creating the site as addressing a gap in the existing crypto e-commerce market:

“All we see at the moment, apart from places like and, are clunky looking websites. Ones that only sell random male-focused products, not necessarily tailored towards lifestyle and free economy. We wanted something beautiful and easy to use. Our goal is to sell high quality, unique products that will enhance and fulfill the lives of our customers. We want to be the site that offers everything you need to live a ‘free-er’ life. One that allows choice and flexibility – and of course we’re giving you the choice to pay with cryptocurrency.”

With help from developers at Honest.Cash, Peaceful Warrior has integrated Coinbase Commerce and AtomicPay, and is working with BitcoinVN to integrate a remittance service for merchants who currently cannot use cryptocurrency freely in their country/ and or need to cash out instantly.

Merchants are paid in crypto, or may use a remittance system in their chosen fiat currency.

Working with lead Developer Chris Troutner and “crypto film maker for the normies” Collin Enstad, Peaceful Warrior has also created its own PW Tokens (SLP), which it will use for on-site payments and as part of user incentive schemes in the coming months.

Peaceful Warrior screen


Peaceful Warrior Wants Freedom, ‘Beautiful and Balanced’ Lives

Peaceful Warrior was “founded by three passionate women who care about free economy, crypto and living beautiful and balanced lifestyles”, and is “a place for people to enjoy shopping consciously made, unique products”.

Its subsidiary “PW” offers marketing consulting and business development services for the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries, and/or those looking to use cryptocurrency in their businesses.

The team is seeking new merchants and welcomes enquiries from anyone interested in participating. Those curious can send an email to [email protected].

What other e-commerce platforms exist to encourage crypto use, and how could they be better? Let’s hear your thoughts.

Images via Peaceful Warrior, Pixabay

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