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Perry Farrell Talks About Kind Heaven, a Mythical and Immersive Arts Experience

Kind Heaven is an ambitious music and art project that seeks to create an entire Southeast Asian environment around its audience — in Las Vegas. Bitsonline caught up with some of the key players at CoinAgenda recently, including the legendary Perry Farrell and film producer Cary Granat, to talk about the project and how it’s using an integrated blockchain economy to enrich both artists and the audience.

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Kind Heaven Will Build an ‘Immersive Entertainment Complex’


Kind Heaven’s co-founder and public face is Perry Farrell, best known as the lead singer for Jane’s Addiction and Porno for Pyros in the 80s and 90s. He also co-founded the popular Lollapalooza Festival in the U.S., and has remained active as an enthusiastic advocate for music and the artists who create it.

“We’re looking at it in a different way than we’d look at something like Lollapalooza, we’re going to bring it down to a more intimate setting, and it will be an immersive setting,” Farrell says. “We will entertain them, but they will be immersed, they will be surrounded by lights and music, and there will be a true community that we’re building — with the help of the blockchain system. The experience will be unique and new.”

Kind Heaven logo

Kind Heaven will replicate the kind of street market you’d find in a Southeast Asian city — in a mythical era. It comes complete with a real train station (and trains), food, music and physical art from the region itself. The first (at LINQ Las Vegas) location will occupy 90,000 square feet and is planning to launch in late 2019, with plans for additional installations in Vietnam, Europe, and beyond.

Farrell says the digital element of Kind Heaven is part of his desire to “bring the ethereal to the tangible … bring heaven down to Earth”. In the interview above, he explains the mythology behind the project and why he chose that particular region for inspiration.

Where Does Blockchain Fit in?


So how does Kind Heaven bring blockchain technology into this very physical world? We also caught up with the organizers Cary Granat and Wan Lung Eng, CFO and EVP of Kind Heaven, to talk about that element in more detail.

Granat describes it as “like Westworld … no glasses, no AR, no VR, you’re really there.” But at the center of everything is its curated “digital collectibles” market, showcasing creative works from the up and coming artists it features.

Kind Heaven has formed a partnership with NEM, and its digital creations will live on the NEM protocol. Its blockchain will also help verify the provenance of items available. It’s not just a blockchain gimmick bolted on to promote an unrelated product, but an integral part of the experience.

It all ties in with the mythology behind the project, letting the public keep artifacts and talismans representing the artists, which may become more valuable over time. Those cultural avatars connect the digital and physical worlds Kind Heaven and its artists are creating, and will be available even to those who don’t attend in person. The organizers hope this will open the project up to the entire world, one of the project’s core ideals.

Does Kind Heaven sound like something you’d participate in — either in person or digitally? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments.

Images and video via Bitsonline, Jon Southurst, Tyson O’Ham

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