Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Playstation 3 Emulator Reports ‘Triple A Game Support’ for the First Time

Playstation 3 Emulator Reports ‘Triple A Game Support’ for the First Time

The Playstation 3 has long been considered the ‘holy grail’ of console emulation due to its high number of modern exclusives, complex architecture and many HW security features. A small group of hackers has been working towards making that dream a reality in the form of RPCS3, with some early successes.

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Favorite Playstation Titles Now Supported

Yesterday, the RPCS3 announced several key improvements that make support for many highly coveted PS3 exclusives a reality. The list includes classics like Demon’s Souls, Uncharted, The Ratchet & Clank Franchise, Gran Turismo, and Heavenly Sword.

The group expressed optimism, as overcoming the hurdles covered in the newest release lay the foundation for “full Triple A” support:

“These changes are a huge step in PS3 emulation, and now allow for huge AAA titles which whose emulation was eagerly awaited to start functioning.”

There are two key fixes in the release that make AAA support possible — An improvement in the way RPCS3 emulates interrupt processes from The PS3’s special “SPU” processor cores, and a collection of feature support additions that make complex lighting and effects meant for the PlayStation 3’s “RSX” GPU work correctly on PC graphics cards.

PlayStation 3
Dark Souls 2 — Before and after RPCS3 Graphics fixes

Together, these developments make RPCS3 both accurate and efficient enough to run the larger PS3 titles, where the emulator was only managing native speed on expensive hardware, or on smaller titles previously.

If performance and compatibility continues to improve in RPCS3, we may see many Sony exclusives playable on PC with features like graphics and frame rate improvement baked in before the next generation of consoles comes out.

With each incremental fix, RPCS3 comes closer to preserving games on the platform forever, which is particularly important now that many successful franchises, e.g Demon’s Souls and FFXIV, are shutting down servers and ending support for the platform.

Bitsonline is reaching out for an interview with the dev team on their role in preserving game history, so stick around.

Are you a Playstation emulator enthusiast? Let’s hear your thoughts.

images courtesy RPCS3 Devs

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