Polymath and LEXIT Partner to Change How We Trade Corporate Assets

Polymath and LEXIT Partner to Change How We Trade Corporate Assets

Polymath could prove to be key in helping companies to tokenize and then liquidate corporate assets.

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The securities token platform allows companies to issue securities as crypto tokens, which means that shares, bonds, and futures contracts can be issued almost instantly and traded as easily as cryptocurrencies.

This makes them a good match for the LEXIT platform; Polymath’s services make it possible to tokenize assets on the blockchain, which sometimes would have been difficult to otherwise, and allows them to be easily bought and sold online.

Corporate assets and intellectual property could be traded in a way never before imagined as security tokens from Polymath help to standardize the LEXIT marketplace and serve to create a seamless experience for users.

“The security token in its purest form is an asset,” said Amir Kaltak, CEO and co-founder of LEXIT. “We want to work together and create an ecosystem in the future between Polymath and LEXIT.”

The tokenization mechanism also lets people easily trade more abstract assets such as IP-ownership and licensing rights through a system of automatic smart contracts used to process transactions.

This Could Be a Valuable and Symbiotic Relationship

The major benefits of LEXIT working together with Polymath are self-evident; securities as tokens work great on the blockchain, and could offer instant settlement of deals, high liquidity, much cheaper transaction fees and 24/7 trading.

Polymath’s unique approach to tokenization is an ideal match for the trading of corporate assets and intellectual property, as well as for the conducting of mergers and acquisitions on the LEXIT marketplace.

The applications are manifold and can be extended to any type of asset, but might be of considerable importance to tech startups and companies looking to protect copyrights and patents.

LEXIT will be a vital liquidation venue for Polymath’s security tokens and will list them as tradable assets on their platform.

“I think that security tokens are going to be a big part of our future revenue on Lexit itself,” Amir Kaltak said. “I can’t miss out on that one.”

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