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On ‘Programmers Day’, BitKan Founder Praises Blockchain Industry’s Developers

Did you know that 24th October is called “Programmers Day” in China? This tradition has been well established in the country since 2010 at least. It was chosen because 1GB = 1024MB, 1K = 1024, 1024 = 2 to the 10th power, binary 10000000000, octal 2000, and base 16 hexadecimal 0x400. Unlike the similar “Day of the Programmer” in other countries (256th day of the year), the date does not change if it’s a leap year.

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Programmers Day Questions for BitKan Founder Liu Yang

In the blockchain and crypto industry, there are many top programmers who come to mind. BitKan chairman Liu Yang shared his views on how programmers have shaped the blockchain industry.

What is the story behind you joining crypto/blockchain industry as a programmer?

Chairman Liu shared that he first chanced upon bitcoin in June 2011. That was when he first started understand the mechanics behind the network. He went from first understanding the technology, then mining bitcoin and engaging in trading.

As bitcoin is a 24-hour market, Liu had an idea to create an app to watch the market 24/7 — even when he was asleep. His friends loved the service, and hence he decided to make it available to everyone in the industry. That is the story of how BitKan first started.

BitKan leadership team
Liu Yang (right) with the BitKan team

What is your opinion of the top programmers in the blockchain and crypto industry?

Satoshi created the foundation of crypto industry, and Vitalik laid the path for smart contracts. Together they created the economics behind cryptocurrencies today.

However, the success of these projects is definitely not due to any single superstar programmer’s effort.

It would not have been possible without the effort of many teams of programmers. Without their teams, Ethereum and Bitcoin would not have been what they are today. These superstar programmers took the role of spiritual leaders to lead the community in the right direction. They would not have been able to complete the project successfully alone.

What do you think of the contribution of programmers from China in the industry?

In China, there is more focus on the team effort to create industry-standard applications such as trading, wallets, and other public blockchain projects.

Chinese teams are constantly learning and improving the technology, and their programming ability matches programmers from other countries. Looking at differences, perhaps there is more emphasis on problem analysis and design to improve existing products.

Still, Liu said, there is still much the Chinese programming community can do to open up and share knowledge — in order for everyone to improve and benefit the entire world with the technology they’re creating.

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What have you done to celebrate the contribution of programmers to bitcoin and cryptocurrency lately? Let us know in the comments.

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