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Pundi X POS System Integrates NEM Blockchain for Retail Stores

Pundi X POS System Integrates NEM Blockchain for Retail Stores

SINGAPORE — November 14, 2017 — Pundi X, a cryptocurrency point-of-sale (POS) solutions provider for retail stores seeking to accept digital currencies in South East Asia, today announced their successful integration into the NEM blockchain. Every Pundi X POS device can be connected to both the Ethereum and NEM blockchains, enabling consumers to easily buy or sell cryptocurrencies (BTS, ETH, XEM, LTC, PXS tokens) using fiat money (dollars, rupiah, baht, etc.), bank card, mobile wallet or with a Pundi X Pass.

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XEM is the world’s tenth largest cryptocurrency, according to, with a market capitalization of US $1.6 billion. NEM’s technology is currently employed by a variety of financial institutions and industries. When considering demand and trade volume, NEM also boasts being one of the most popular altcoins in Japan.

“By using NEM’s blockchain solution, we can confirm transactions instantly, which enables us to lower the exchange risk and provide a better user experience,” said Zac Cheah, CEO of Pundi X. “Moreover, Pundi X can now focus on rapid expansion to new markets thanks to our inclusion in the NEM network.”

We are working to achieve mass adoption for NEM through sovereign fiat money issuance, financial settlements, payments, trade finance, stock markets, forex and other applications. The Pundi X business matches this goal because it makes cryptocurrencies more accessible for people to use in their daily lives,” said Lon Wong, President of Foundation. “NEM is very easy to implement. For example, it took only one day to make the Pundi X system work on the NEM blockchain for both the private and the public chains.”

Pundi X POS

See Pundi X POS in action this week at Singapore Fintech Festival 2017

Singapore Fintech Festival 2017 attendees can experience Pundi X POS device (Booth: 2L12) and NEM blockchain (Booth: 1F21) in the exhibition area. Media or partners interested in meeting with Pundi X during Singapore Fintech Festival 2017 can contact

Pundi X is currently opening its KYC (Know Your Customer) process to whitelist investors in preparation for its ICO (Initial Coin Offering). Investors who pass the KYC check are eligible to invest and are guaranteed the opportunity to buy PXS tokens in the public token sale starting on November 20. The white listing application will close at 10:00 GMT+8 on November 19.

About Foundation Ltd Foundation Ltd. is a non-profit organization based in Singapore, set up to promote NEM’s blockchain technology globally. It is currently one of the most well-funded and successful blockchain technology projects in the cryptocurrency industry. NEM’s technology is currently being utilized in a variety of financial institutions and industries.

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About Pundi X

Pundi X is a blockchain startup that aims to make cryptocurrency an enabler of ubiquitous cashless payment environments across South East Asia and beyond. Pundi X POS enables shops, cafes and convenience stores to sell cryptocurrency to a broad cross section of general consumers and builds on the success of Pundi-Pundi which is one of Indonesia’s most popular QR code cashless payment apps. The launch of Pundi X POS is a stepping stone towards an ICO in late 2017 that will provide funding for as many as 700,000 Pundi X POS devices to be installed over the next three years across all target markets.

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