QIWI CEO Receives MFC's Freeland Blockchain State Passport

QIWI CEO Receives MFC’s Freeland Blockchain State Passport

On November 20th, Sergey Solonin shared a video with him holding what can probably be called the most advanced, feature-rich, and stylish blockchain state passport on the planet. The Freeland passport may not get you across any actual borders, but it could be a precursor to a post-nation state world.

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QIWI Founder Doesn’t Want to Miss Global Trends

To receive such a passport, you need to be a rich, influential person (right now, it costs $17,000 USD together with project advisor status). You also need to be a fan of Mr. Freeman. It looks like Sergey Solonin is that exact person, because he was the second citizen after Pavel Muntyan (Freeland founder) to receive the cherished document.

QIWI CEO Sergey Solonin
QIWI CEO Sergey Solonin

Solonin is a founder of QIWI Bank, director of OJSC United Art Tickets, and managing director of IT-billion and iTech advisors. He is well-known among Russian bitcoiners since his company started promoting bitcoin and blockchain back in 2015.

Back then, other Russian payment providers of the same scale laughed at the powerful, yet strange crypto market. Right now, Solonin is making his big trip around the planet and he has the chance to try out the passport on customs officials:

“To me, this is a personal try of participating in the project of Freeland. Today, I’m receiving my passport. I won’t go deep into details as you can find the info on the web. I think that this is the experimental state, something like a game where I obtain new relationships. And a chance to think about how to build them … It’s clear that such a document is valid only among Freeland project participants, but I will try to pass several borders with it and see what happens.”

Bitsonline has already reported on the MFCoin, its founders and goals. Since that article was published, Freeland as a virtual blockchain state has made enormous progress and is now introducing the new, amazing physical passport.

About the Ultra Modern Freeland Passport

Sergey Barvenko, who plays a technical lead role in the project development, made a post on a Russian MFC Telegram channel describing the technical specs:

  • Freeland passport has the holder’s data written into the MFC blockchain.
  • It has a protective thread with a covert multi-gradient Freeland logo under it.
  • Nanotext with the mark pointing the first block of the MFC cryptocurrency.
  • Security micromark with a height of five micro millimeters.
  • Each page contains a gravure with a portrait of a notable historical personality.
Russian businessman Marat Gelman has Freeland passport too.
Russian businessman Marat Gelman has Freeland passport too.
  • The pages of the passport have augmented reality markers.
  • Each page has unique UV-shining, with a themed picture that correlates with the life of the person shown on the page.
  • Each page contains an infrared markdown too, which supports the graphics inside the document.
  • All pages contain laser-made penetrative lancing with the Freeland passport ID-number.
  • All pages contain watermarks with unique configurations.
  • The paper contains micro fluff that shines two colors under UV highlighting.
  • The fiber used to seam the passport has its own UV shining, the producing and dipping happening in Switzerland using advanced technology.
A test passport back from 25 may, 2018. The holder is John Lennon.
  • All the passport’s art is created by a three-layered structure, creating the effect of a solid, complex pattern design.
  • The passport cover is made of a special kip, while the art is drawn using silver.
  • It has an MRZ code string that is compatible with most world standards.
  • The cover has a build-in NFC chip which is compatible with ICAO international standards.
  • The passport number and the citizen’s unique ID is checked using the holder’s personal data. This helps to protect the document from fabrication.


You can find more information about the passport using this link. The creators promise a film about it that they’ll produce soon.

The Story of Mister Freeman and the Russian Intellectual Minority

Mr. Freeman is a cartoon character and YouTube prophet who has been influencing Russians since 2009. His work has improved many peoples’ lives. MF’s insightful monologues, Vadim Demchog’s brilliant voicing (as usual), and the Hollywood-grade drawing style of Toonbox artists (Ponomarev, Dobrojan and others) have attracted billions of YT-views and extensive personal growth discussions on different forums.

The message of MF is simple: you cannot be a passive consumer and negative Twitter shitposter forever, you need to create something too. The fact that Freeman creators tried hard to remain anonymous until their official unmasking in 2016 added intrigue to the project.

Despite the message’s core obviousness and simplicity, Mr. Freeman’s followers have formed some kind of decentralized web-sect with Demchog and Muntyan as the main priests.


The MF project used transpersonal psychology techniques (Muntyan and Demchog are big friends of Stanislav Grof) to help the audience stop their “social network obsession” and “cellphone slavery” and go outside to find a job, a normal GF, or some sense of life (which is something more than just killing dragons and drinking nord mead, right?).


Some have listened to the monologues many times, throughout the years, to find motivation, keep a strong will, and achieve their long-awaited goals.

Jeff Fawkes’ Strange Thoughts

From my personal standpoint, Freeman’s art can be as relieving as a Richard Dawkins book. With a bunch of wise people at the front of the project, Freeland seems like the chance for some Russians to build the state they truly wish to live in. Hey, you can jump on this train, too.


Did the author make you shift your stance on project Freeland? Do you think he’s just trying to pump some fame-backed shitcoin? Share your comments below.

Images by Jeff Fawkes, Freeland, MF

Disclaimer: The author of this article is an obvious MFC holder. Your investment decisions are your own responsibility.

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