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Railroaded: Five Years Since Ross Ulbricht’s Imprisonment

Railroaded: The Targeting and Caging of Ross Ulbricht. That’s the name of a new project on FreeRoss.org that will lead visitors through the case and uncover new, largely unknown facts about the Silk Road investigation. In a series of six YouTube videos, you’ll get a detailed factual background of the case.

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The Naked Facts May Change The Perspective

You still think Ross Ulbricht was the one behind the nickname Dread Pirate Roberts? Have you heard the theory that Mark Karpeles may have been behind Silk Road, as well as Bitcointalk.org?

Didn’t know that the Feds stole money from Silk Road several times? Missed information about the unfair sentencing that relied on unproven allegations? Then go and listen to the video below, because October 1st marks five years since Ross Ulbricht’s unfair imprisonment and here we have a chance to recall everything and expose more information to the public.

By visiting this link you can not only hear, but also read about the facts that were previously misunderstood or poorly translated by many people since 2015. The Railroaded project will be posting videos weekly, letting you dig through the most comprehensive details of the Ulbricht case.

Despite Being In Prison, Ross Keeps On Hating Violence

Ross has maintained his principles even behind bars, where many people can succumb to violence. His fellow inmates, prison staff, and guards all say he is a very positive and smart man. He even got solitary protective custody recently, a consequence of refusing to participate in an assault. The refusal received a negative reaction from some of his fellow inmates, but Ross maintained his preference for non-violence. His strong spirit gives inspiration to us all.

A former cellmate writes:

“…Ross consistently exhibited a peaceful and positive demeanor. He spent his days sharing positive thoughts with the other inmates and encouraged them to find peaceful ways to resolve their differences. …He always chose the moral high ground in every situation, regardless of the personal hardship that it caused him. His … empathy is extraordinary. On many occasions he expressed his extreme dislike for violence on any level. He possesses great strength of character and…consistently committed acts of unusual kindness towards others.”

What Else Can You Do?

As it says in the newsletter, spread the word. The more people are made aware of the facts, the more power we all get in the near future. The battle is not over yet. Tell people about the case and how it can affect their virtual and real lives.


For even more information, watch this recent interview by Jon Southurst with Lyn Ulbricht, Ross’ mother. Ask your friends to sign the petition (85,000+ already signed) that will be passed onto Donald Trump. Furthermore, you can read through almost 100 testimonial letters which were sent to the judge by friends and family, describing Ross as a very kind, empathetic, and creative person.

railroaded extract from letter

For example, this interesting excerpt from his father’s letter shows how major computer game developers may have stolen some ideas directly from Ross.

Have your say. Have you seen Episode 1 of Railroaded? Do you support the Free Ross campaign?

Images via FreeRoss.org, Jeff Fawkes, Twitter

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