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Become the Rightful King of the Iron Tron

The fate of the Iron Throne is still unknown, but fans will eventually find out in the last season of Game of Thrones. The most beloved television series will see its final season air on April 14, 2019.

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For those that have little patience and need something to keep them busy, 1xBit has begun its Games for the Iron. The Tron in question is the native cryptocurrency of the top-ten blockchain project called TRON. As the name suggests, all game players will be rewarded in Tron (TRX). Who will be the rightful king of 1xBit’s Iron Tron?

Between March 15, 2019, and April 14, 2019, contestants are able to play at any casino table from Evolution Gaming. All you have to do in order to participate is to register for a 1xBit account, and you can start playing at the table. During the tournament, one lottery ticket will be given to a player for each wager worth two mBTC. Only one lucky account per day will receive the winning lottery ticket, and there are no restrictions on how many bets and tickets are released. A randomizing algorithm is applied to select the winning tickets.

The prizes are attractive enough to get everyone interested – the prize pool totals up to 300 000 TRX. From the entire pool, 250 000 TRX will be given to those that reap the most points during the competition. The one that has the most points will have the top reward of 100 000 TRX. The second place will receive a 50 000 TRX prize and the third place will have 30 000 TRX.

Another 5000 TRX will be given daily as bonus points to each of the ten players, and they will be randomly chosen. Cup points and free spins will also be allocated to these accounts. The 1st one will have 10 cup points and 40 free spins. The 2nd place will have credited 9 cup points and 35 spins; 8 points and 30 free spins will go to third place.

And, as1xBit always pays his debts, all users will receive their prizes in their accounts within 72 hours after the end date of the tournament. No wagers have to be made on the prizes.

Establish your supremacy in the 1xBit’s crypto betting kingdom and conquer the Iron Tron! The tournament can bring its players substantial prizes that cannot be missed! Join the race for the Tron today!

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