Robert Shapiro at ChainXChange: 'I'd Be Bored If I Didn't Stay Busy'

Robert Shapiro at ChainXChange: ‘I’d Be Bored If I Didn’t Stay Busy’

Celebrity lawyer Robert Shapiro of LegalZoom fame attended this year’s 2018 ChainXChange conference in Las Vegas and offered his thoughts on bringing the legal field into the 21st century, philanthropy, and more. 

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Shapiro: Lot of Downside, Lot of Upside in Tech Boom

“We’re getting to the point where you don’t have to go to court to do anything except try a case,” Shapiro said early on during his keynote talk during this year’s ChainXChange.

As the acclaimed attorney later added, part of that reality stems from services like his LegalZoom, while toward the end of his panel he also touched on the possibilities — and problems as he saw them — of the cryptoverse’s fledgling smart contract platforms.

The world’s a’changin’, Shapiro suggested, and those in the legal field won’t be immune to the modernization going on around us all.

Not All Gravy for Smart Contracts, Says Shapiro

From his perspective as a lawyer, Shapiro expressed his doubts about the viability of smart contracts for adoption in mainstream law practices, insofar as he highlighted how many traditional contracts are complex and evolve and that in such cases, a third-party facilitator was beneficial.

“From the technology standpoint, it’s fantastic,” the attorney said, tempering his comments.

So, Shapiro was open-minded overall, but he wasn’t prepared to go all-in on smart contracts just yet.

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What’s your take? Do you think the LegalZoom founder made any good points? Where was he off at? Let us know in the comments section below. 

Images and video via Ky Primo

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