Rockminer Reaches Out to Community to Help Find a Missing Customer

Rockminer Reaches Out to Community to Help Find a Missing Customer

Cryptoturrency mining services provider Rockminer has reported that a customer with 206 ether (ETH) in their account has not logged in since September 25th, 2018. The ETH — worth $25,982.78 USD at press time — has sat in the account ever since. The company is now calling on the community to help identify this customer and make sure they still have access to their money.

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Rockminer Unable to Contact Customer

The mining services company has tried multiple times to contact the customer by email — the only method of communication the company currently has with this person. However, the customer has not responded to any of the messages.

Rockminer told Bitsonline that it has also tried to google the email address in hopes of finding additional information that would help get in touch with the missing customer, but they haven’t had any luck.

Thus, the company has turned to the cryptocurrency community in hopes of identifying the customer and contacting them so they can claim their 200 ETH deposit.

While the company can’t share the customer’s full email address due to its privacy policy, it was able to give Bitsonline a partial address: pdx**** Rockminer hopes someone may recognize this address and know who to contact.

If anyone has any information that can help find this customer, Rockminer urges you to both reach out to the person yourself, and contact them with your information. The company said it desperately wants to find this customer and remind them about their deposit, adding that it would be a shame if they never used it.

Promotional Campaign Now Live, Free BTC Up for Grabs

Rockminer also reported it has launched a promotional campaign on Twitter. The company will give away 0.05 BTC each to three people chosen as the top promoters.

The campaign started on December 5th, and will last until December 27th. Participants in the campaign can share their experiences with Rockminer on Twitter through text or photo.

To participate, individuals must tweet their stories or images with the hashtags #ROCKMINER and 20%OFFoncloudmining.


The contest has three categories:

  • Most likes
  • Most retweets
  • Most referrals

One winner will be chosen for each category: a winner for the most likes; a winner for the most retweets; and a winner for most referrals from Twitter to the Rockminer site.

In order to be in the running for most referrals, participants must have at least 100 successful referrals from Twitter to the Rockminer site.

At the end of the campaign, on December 30th, the company will go through every post containing the #ROCKMINER and #20%OFFoncloudmining and select winners for each category.

Rockminer will notify the three winners, and will then transfer 0.05 BTC to each of their accounts. According to the company, these funds will be available for withdrawal immediately.

The company is also running another promotional campaign, in which it is giving out free bitcoin mining contracts. Nothing needs to be done in this campaign, participants can simply sign up for an account on the Rockminer website, and they will automatically be credited a free seven-day contract for bitcoin.

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