Rockminer: A Bitcoin Mining Company With a Full Suite of Services

Rockminer: A Bitcoin Mining Company With a Full Suite of Services

Rockminer is a full-service bitcoin and crypto mining company that offers both hardware and hosting options. As one of the top mining companies in the world, the team behind Rockminer constantly works to improve their offerings and increase their global presence.

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Rockminer: Dedicated to Providing a Positive Mining Experience

Founded in 2013, Rockminer has worked its way to the top of the crypto mining industry, continuously building its hardware catalogue and developing its suite of services.

In its early days, the company set up shop in Shenzhen, China and became the first company to use ASICMINER chips. In 2014, Rockminer received $10 million CNY within 15 seconds of its first round of fundraising, setting a record for the fastest fundraising round in the industry.

From there, the team spent the rest of 2014 building the company. Between May and September of that year, the company launched a series of ASIC miners, including the R-BOX, R3, R4, and the TI — the first T-class mining rig on the market.

Rockminer also partnered with ASICMINER to launch AMHash in November 2014, which became the largest cloud mining platform of its time.


Following its early success in hardware manufacturing, as well as its cloud mining partnership with ASICMINER, the company moved on to developing mining hosting services — while also updating its hardware offerings.

Now, Rockminer stands as an industry giant. The company is now involved in every stage of the mining value chain, from marketing and sales, to cloud mining and hosting solutions. Rockminer currently owns five mining farms in China, which command a total of 300 petahash that they use to provide cloud mining services for customers in the US, UK, Germany, Dubai, India and Georgia.

A Full Suite of Services, Four Years in the Making

After four years of building the company, Rockminer offers the following services:

Cloud mining

With its five Chinese mining farms, Rockminer is able to offer cloud mining contracts to the public. And with the rigs hosted in China — famous for its cheap electricity — the company can offer highly competitive prices on contracts.

To start a cloud mining contract, customers just need to sign up on the company’s website and pay for the contract with cryptocurrency. Customers will start earning revenue immediately, with fees taken out for electricity and hardware maintenance.

According to Rockminer, it offers cloud mining contracts for bitcoin, and Zcash.

Miner shop

In addition to cloud mining, the company sells hardware in its miner shop. Customers can purchase Rockminer’s self-developed USB miners, as well as the latest rigs from major hardware manufacturers. Rigs for bitcoin, Litecoin, Zcash, ether, and IPFS.

Miner hosting

Similar to cloud mining, Rockminer offers a miner hosting service. With this service, customers can purchase rigs from the miner shop and have the company operate and maintain them in one of its farms.

According to Rockminer, its hosting service allows customers to earn revenue from crypto mining without having to take care of the various logistical problems that can arise when self-hosting a rig.

And if the customer decides they want to start hosting their rig independently, Rockminer will redeem the rig corresponding to the cloud mining contract at any time and ship it to the client — even if the contract is not up yet.

All of these services come with the advantages of high quality customer service, very competitive electricity and maintenance costs, as well as professional equipment and facility management. Rockminer also holds strong, long-term relationships with many of the industry’s top hardware manufacturers, including Bitmain, Avalon, Ebang, and Whatsminer. These relationships ensure availability of the newest and best mining rigs, all made available to Rockminer customers through cloud mining contracts and the miner shop.

These advantages set Rockminer apart from other mining service providers. Most other companies in the industry only provide one service at a time, making potential customers choose what they think will work best. For example, one firm may only sell hardware, while another only provides cloud mining. Rockminer does it all, so professionals and enthusiasts can get everything they need under one roof.

Rockminer to Attend World Digital Mining Summit in Late September

In an effort to continue growing the business, Rockminer will attend the World Digital Mining Summit in Georgia from September 21, 2018 to September 23.

Hosted by BitKan and Bitmain, this conference is expected to host over 1,000 attendees and more than 50 mining companies, including Rockminer.

The Summit will have over 30 speakers in attendance, including Bitmain CEO Jihan Wu, BittKan CEO Yu Fang, and Rockminer COO Shera Lei.

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