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Roger Ver: Bitcoin Is Killing Itself After His Dave Rubin Interview

Roger Ver: Bitcoin Is Killing Itself After His Dave Rubin Interview

According to a tweet sent out by Roger Ver, after his sit down with Dave Rubin on the Rubin Report, the YouTube personality received 76 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in donations. Since that interview, Rubin has apparently only received 1 donation in bitcoin — something Ver pointed to as a vindication of his pet coin.

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Roger Ver Claims That Bitcoin Is ‘Committing Suicide’

Ver also commented that while Bitcoin Cash was “doing well,” Bitcoin — which he often refers to as “Bitcoin Core,” was committing suicide.

Such dramatic statements have become common from Ver — Bitcoin Cash’s defacto leader — since the cryptocurrency split off from the Bitcoin blockchain on August 1, 2017. Now, heading into 2018, Cash has emerged as the main rival to Bitcoin, which continues to suffer from high fees and long confirmation times.

Indeed, Ver’s twitter feed is full of tweets promoting the Bitcoin Cash brand, as well as quips criticizing Bitcoin for its continuously increasing fees and network congestion.

But why did Ver, formerly known as “Bitcoin Jesus” seemingly jump ship in favor of BCH? Well, according to Ver himself, he still supports Bitcoin wholeheartedly, because BCH is the “real” Bitcoin that Satoshi envisioned in his white paper.

Is Bitcoin Keeping the Entire Market Down?

Regardless of Ver’s comments, it does seem that bitcoin has recently hit a price barrier, preventing it from going any higher than its all-time high of about $20,000 USD.

Roger Ver
Roger Ver

On December 17, bitcoin hit its last all time high of about $19,700 — with the last price surge falling just short of the $20,000.

That was about two weeks ago as of press time, and with the market correcting on December 21, bitcoin has since struggled to stay in the $13,000 to $14,000 price range.

It’s tough to say whether this slump is here to stay, or if it’s just a temporary pit stop on its way back to the moon.

It could be that Bitcoin’s fee problems have finally begun to bite the coin in the butt, with many people at one point paying between $30 to $40 on average just to move their bitcoin from place to place.

Even now, people are still forced to pay a fee of around $20 on average to move their bitcoin — a fact that could disincentivize people from reinvesting in it.

If Bitcoin is committing suicide, as Ver says, then it could bring the entire cryptosphere with it. Bitcoin is a major gateway for people to invest in altcoins, and if it’s too expensive to trade with Bitcoin, then every other cryptocurrency is likely to suffer as a result.

If you ask Roger Ver, though, he will likely tell you Bitcoin Cash will save the day. And who knows, he could be right.

What do you make of the BCH donations Dave Rubin received after his one-on-one interview with Roger Ver? Let us hear your thoughts.

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