Saturday, February 4, 2023

RSK Hits the Road in Asia to Show How Blockchain Tech Can Drive Startups

RSK Hits the Road in Asia to Show How Blockchain Tech Can Drive Startups

Bitcoin’s blockchain can form the basis of a solid smart contracts platform, the number of applications for the technology can be limitless, and project tokens are still very much a part of the new economy. Those were the main messages from the one-day RSK Blockchain Conference yesterday, which drew a sizable crowd in central Tokyo.

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What Can Blockchain and RSK Bitcoin Smart Contracts Do for Startups?

RSK produced the conference as part of a roadshow that includes other Asian business centers like Beijing, Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul, and Shanghai. It’s designed not only to showcase RSK’s smart contract platform that sits on the Bitcoin blockchain, but to hopefully tap into Asia’s rich pool of potential blockchain investors.

Joining RSK as a partner was blockchain startup accelerator StartupToken — itself a portfolio company of long-time cryptocurrency entrepreneur Eddy Travia’s Coinsilium investment group. Out in the exhibition hall was a showcase of blockchain startups including ICO participation app Zilla, multi-exchange trading platform Bundle, EthicHub, Blox, and Mobilium — among others.

Bitsonline first spoke to StartupToken CEO Yacine Teraï about how his company works with RSK to get startups off the ground — visibility, the best regulatory environment, and the technology to make it all happen. Watch the video above to hear his vision.

We also chatted to the startups out in the exhibition hall, namely EthicHub — a microfinance and lending platform that aims to connect available finance in well-developed economies with producers who can put it to good use in other places. Their initial focus is independent coffee growers in Latin America; check out that interview too for all the details.

International Blockchain Gatherings Good for Japan and Asia

Overall it looked like the event was a big success for RSK and SmartToken. It also benefits the Japan blockchain industry in general to have such international events — for a country that has always embraced cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, Japan has been short on high-profile conferences compared to other major world tech and financial centers.

That looks set to change, with a number of other events kicking off in Tokyo and elsewhere in the coming year.

RSK Blockchain Conference Tokyo
RSK Blockchain Conference Tokyo (image via Eddy Travia)

Are smart contracts and utility tokens still useful tools for startups? Why or why not? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments.

Video and images via Jon Southurst, Eddy Travia

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