'Money ... Can Be Better': A Chat With Dash Core Group CEO Ryan Taylor

‘Money … Can Be Better’: A Chat With Dash Core Group CEO Ryan Taylor

During the 2018 Money 20/20 event in Las Vegas, Bitsonline interviewed Ryan Taylor, CEO of Dash Core Group. Taylor waxed on the DASH community’s participation in Money 20/20, insights into DASH’s governance model, and how DASH builders are aiming at the future of money. 

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DASH and ‘The Future of Money’

At the center of the massive exhibit hall of this year’s Money 20/20 conference stood an impressive booth for the cryptocurrency DASH.

Towering above many other smaller, less impressive booths from other fiat-based traditional financial plays, the DASH team’s presence at the event was impossible to ignore. Bitsonline’s George Levy interviewed Ryan Taylor, chief executive officer of Dash Core Group, amid this year’s conference festivities.

Taylor told us about the DASH mission — namely, building out from the idea that “money systems can be better.” The CEO also explained DASH’s presence at Money 20/20 and aspects of the coin’s governance and development trajectories.

“We’re engaging with the financial community and the payments industry more broadly in developing new uses for our users,” Taylor noted.

On Governance and Growth

Among the top 20 cryptocurrencies by market cap, DASH’s governance model is unique. It was a point Taylor emphasized during the interview.

“Dash as a network is decentralized, it has no CEO to be clear,” said Taylor. “We have a self-funding model — it’s a proposal system. Anyone can put a proposal up to the DASH network for funding as part of a monthly cycle. The network itself votes on those proposals, and the highest ranked proposals pay out as part of that monthly cycle.”

As for actual execution, Taylor said the DASH team clearly publishes and shares their growth plans.

“We published our vision and our strategy for our own growth plans over the summer,” he explained. “And we refined those with an execution plan that our business development team presented here in the fall.”

Ryan Taylor
The DASH price has stayed steady from September 2018 to date. Image via CoinBillboard.

Taylor said such a process enabled the cryptocurrency’s network to filter out incoming opportunities and thereafter focus on the best ones available.

“I presented this morning and I communicated our overall strategy during that presentation,” Taylor said. “We’ve already had a bunch of people come up to the booth … It’s been critically important for us to clearly articulate what our strategy is.”

Expect more of the same, then, as the DASH community attempts to further expand their cryptocurrency’s appeal in the months ahead.

What are your thoughts on DASH’s governance model? Is it better or worse than Bitcoin’s model? Let us know in the comments below!

Images via Bitsonline, CoinBillboard

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