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Sapling Privacy Update Now Live on Zcash

Zcash’s Sapling update is now live. The upgrade exponentially increases the privacy and efficiency of ZEC transactions, further improving the top privacy options in the cryptoverse. 

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Sapling Transactions Now Live

On October 28th and at block 419200 of the network, Zcash’s Sapling update was activated — an upgrade that has exponentially increased the performance of ZEC transactions.

As Zcash team member Elise Hadmon further explained in the activation’s announcement:

“Sapling introduces new shielded addresses with significantly improved performance: a time reduction of 90% for constructing transactions, and a memory reduction of over 97%. Sapling activation, occurring on the momentous occasion of the currency’s second birthday, brings us one step closer to widespread adoption of an open, permissionless and private payment system.

Zcash is now leaner, faster, stronger.

Users around the Zcash ecosystem have begun reporting on the Sapling-based boosts. For their part, the Boston Zcash Users group noted earlier on Twitter that ZEC transactions were now “2 to 3 seconds” long.

The update comes after exchange powerhouse Coinbase announced it was considering listing ZEC back in July 2018 and after Gemini listed the coin in May.

Before Sapling, ZEC’s last major upgrade was Overwinter.

Other Top Privacy Coin Takes a Leap Forward, Too

As it stands, Zcash and Monero are conventionally regarded as the two top privacy coin projects in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, and both projects have notably taken undertaken impressive privacy upgrades this month.

On October 18th, Monero’s developers activated Bulletproofs on their privacy coin, an upgrade based on zero-knowledge proofs that has plummeted XMR fees by making transactions on the coin’s blockchain more than 80 percent smaller than they were hitherto.

With that said, both the space’s top privacy plays have seen their unique selling positions — fungibility and privacy — freshly emboldened.

What’s your take? Do you think Sapling will seriously boost Zcash’s profile? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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