As Satoshi's Place Grows in Popularity, So Does Its Technical Helpfulness

As Satoshi’s Place Grows in Popularity, So Does Its Technical Helpfulness

The latest Lightning Network (LN) buzz comes via Satoshi’s Place — the “Lightning Network-powered online multiplayer game inspired by Reddit Place and The Million Dollar Homepage.” As the game’s popularity swells, so too does its helpfulness, as the growing LN usage is generating increased stress testing and performance patches.

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Play, Feedback, Patches

Bitcoin’s second-layer scaling solution, the Lightning Network, is trending as of late with the recent rise of the pixel-hosting LApp The collaborative artboard has brought in enthusiasts, penis doodlers, and everything in between, but what it’s also bringing is technical maturation.

Casa engineer Jameson Lopp noted as much on Twitter, saying the increasingly popular LN-powered game is helping Lightning developers mature the scaling solution’s performance:

The artboard is hosted by the aforementioned @LightningK0ala and is comprised of 1 million pixels (a la The Million Dollar Homepage) each priced at 1 satoshi each, with the payments powered by LN microtransations. Since pixels in it can be overwritten in perpetuity, the game’s users have already collectively drawn the equivalent of the board’s complete capacity eight times over.

A wild LN Charmander appears!

Indeed, the 8,000 daily users Lopp pointed to is an impressive statistic for a game on the still fledgling Lightning Network, and the feedback these users are providing is being filtered through @LightningK0ala to Lightning devs to help them keep evolving their proposed scaling solution.

Even Lightning Labs co-founder Elizabeth Stark has gotten pixelated amid the gamified stress testing:

Examining the Possibilities

Notably, the Satoshi’s Place host also just released GitHub documentation for the game.

Therein, LightningK0ala explained some of the possibilites that could be explored through the LApp going forward:

But there’s more to it, with the advent of microstransactions and programmatic money, we can actually build Lapps that interact with each other and even provide value added services. In the case of, some of the interesting things to build are:


  • Upload and draw pictures
  • Protect a drawing
  • Animate a drawing


  • Different paint brush sizes
  • Spray paint
  • Shapes (circles, rectangles, stars)


  • Activity heatmaps
  • General stats (i.e. txs/day, pixels/day)
  • Timelapses

These possibilites portend but a slice of the future LApps that may come to be in the years ahead.

Other projects beyond Bitcoin have also taken notice of all the buzz. A recent proposition in the Aeon community floated the idea of placing an Aeon ad on the LN artboard to bring in new users to their community. We’ll have to see how the LApp project progresses, and how the cryptoverse continues to respond to it, in the months ahead.

What’s your take? Would you be interested in trying out the game? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Images via Satoshi’s Place

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