Friday, February 3, 2023

‘Satoshi’s Vision’ Bitcoin Cash Conference Adds Craig Wright, Others to Speaker Lineup

‘Satoshi’s Vision’ Bitcoin Cash Conference Adds Craig Wright, Others to Speaker Lineup

The “Satoshi’s Vision” conference on the future of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has added a number of speakers to its official lineup — including nChain chief scientist Dr. Craig Wright. The three-day event, in Tokyo from March 23rd-25th, features guests from across the BCH community to discuss both technical and adoption challenges. 

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Satoshi’s Vision Conference Latest Lineup

Satoshi’s Vision is hosted by Bitcoin Unlimited, one of the Bitcoin Cash development teams. The complete list of new additions to its speaker lineup are as follows:

  • Daniel Krawisz
    Co-Founder, The Satoshi Nakamoto Institute
  • Clemens Ley
    Co-founder and CTO,
  • Dr. Craig Wright
    Chief Scientist, nChain
  • Satoshi's Vision ConferenceEmil Oldenburg
    Co-founder and CTO,
  • Brian Levine
    Professor, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Lorien Gamaroff
    CEO and co-founder, Centbee
  • Brett Scott
    Author, Journalist & Consultant
  • Jerry Chan
    Chief Digital Asset Solutions, SBI BITS
  • Julian Smith
    Founder and CEO, Blockfreight
  • Antony Zegers
    Conference Chair, Satoshi’s Vision Conference
  • Ken Shishido
    Co-organizer, Tokyo Bitcoin Meetup Group
  • Tomas van der Wansem
    Developer, Bitcrust
  • Josh Ellithorpe
    Senior Engineer, Coinbase
  • Christina Storey
    Bitcoin Anthropologist
  • Boris Javier Barrera
    founder and CEO, Bitek S.A.S, Colombia.
  • Nikita Zhavoronkov
    CEO, Blockchair

Roger Ver will deliver the conference’s keynote speech, and speakers already confirmed include professor Emin Gun Sirer, Bitcoin ABC lead developer Amaury Sechet, Bitcoin Unlimited’s Andrew Stone and Peter Rizun, Bitcoin XT’s Tom Harding, and CEO Ryan X. Charles.

Adoption, Investment and Economics as well as Technical Issues

Conference chair Antony Zegers, who is speaking himself, said presenters represent a wide variety of backgrounds and expertise, including academic research, business, Bitcoin Cash community and adoption, investment and economic theory, and technical development. He added:

“The speakers and attendees at this conference are thinkers and doers. Not only is their work groundbreaking and innovative, it is also directed towards an important goal: building the future of money. By working to create sound money the whole world can use, we will bring Satoshi’s Vision to reality.”

Satoshi’s Vision is the first major conference event dedicated to Bitcoin Cash and on-chain scaling solutions. Its host city, Tokyo, has recently made a name for itself as a BCH hub — a number of merchants now accept BCH payments and it also has a monthly Bitcoin Cash meetup group.

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Images via Satoshi’s Vision, Jon Southurst, KawaiiCrypto

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