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Securrency: Meet the Blockchain Startup Taking on Wall Street

Securrency: Meet the Blockchain Startup Taking on Wall Street

Securrency, a combined RegTech/FinTech platform, aims to be the Amazon of Financial Services–a one-stop shop for the purchase or sale of any asset. Want to Exchange Bitcoin directly into shares of Apple? Done. From Euro’s into shares of a commercial real estate company based in Hong Kong? No problem. Care to use a fraction of your microcredit loan to buy a fair-trade sweater online? You get the point.

This is a press release provided by Securrency.

What Is Securrency?

Securrency’s innovation it is that blends the benefits of securities with the revolutionary characteristics of digital currencies to create a new financial instrument that is part currency, part bond, part exchange traded fund share. In short, Securrency is instant liquidity for previously illiquid asset classes–for a fraction of the cost of traditional securitization vehicles. Our system provides asset owners with liquidity while giving investors new, high-yield instruments with the ease of use and on-demand availability of cash.

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Securrency’s combined FinTech/RegTech Platform also solves one of the biggest headaches for both Portfolio Managers and Investors–compliance. Securrency’s platform does the heavy lifting of accreditation, KYC and AML across nearly all global jurisdictions, cutting down on companies’ legal, regulatory, and compliance costs.

“By streamlining compliance, companies looking to raise money can save tens if not hundreds of thousands on legal costs for their offering doing compliance work for a global footprint. We want them to focus on what they do best: building the businesses and technologies to transform our world. Our role is to minimize the compliance burden while giving them the broadest access to capital.” John Hensel, COO of Securrency.

Securrency is also en route to being the Initial Coin Offering platform de rigueur by cutting through the regulatory red tape to bring compliant ICOs to the masses. Last week the Securities and Exchange Commission threw some cold water on the ICO party and sent shockwaves through the Blockchain community when it released new guidance that tokens sold off in Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) may be considered Securities. In an industry that has to this point been akin to the Wild West, Securency brings much needed stability. While other ICO providers are cowering from the SEC’s latest guidance, Securrency is poised to take market share and become the standard for those looking to raise funds through Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).

“Through scalable enforcement of jurisdictional law, our RegTech platform harnesses the power of digital currencies while delivering compliance. By listing ICOs through our platform, US companies and private placements will have a ready made vehicle to go to market.” Dan Doney, CEO of Securrency.

Initial Coin Offerings are the latest fundraising craze to hit financial markets, having raised over $1.3 Billion this year–more than the entire Early Stage Venture pool coming out of Silicon valley. In some instances, companies have raised have raised over $150 million in 3 hours (Bancor Network Token [BNT]). Other over $35 Million in 30 SECONDS (Basic Attention Token [BAT]).

“Securrency brings a new layer of regulatory compliance and token offering effectiveness that the industry should embrace. Most family offices have thus far been uncertain about entering cryptocurrency and token markets, especially in light of the SEC’s recent guidance on coin offerings. With Securrency, this is going to change.” David Drake, Chairman of LDJ Capital, a family office.


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