Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Video: How to Send Money With a Bitcoin Wallet

Video: How to Send Money With a Bitcoin Wallet

So you’ve finally decided to download a bitcoin wallet. If you’re lucky, someone even gave you some BTC to use. But now how are you supposed to use it? Check out this video to see some of the basics.

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My Wallet Has QR Codes, Millibits… What?

If you’re an experienced bitcoin user then wallets are second nature now, but to a newcomer it can be confusing. Using QR codes to send and receive money? What if I or the sender doesn’t have a camera?

We’re going back to the very basics here, showing you how to use a basic mobile wallet app to send a transaction. Find out what all the words and buttons mean, see how to view your transaction history, and how to receive bitcoins from someone else.

For our purposes we used the mobile app. It’s free, pretty simple to use, and lets you control your own keys. However there are several other wallet apps for newcomers and experienced users — see the Bitsonline wallet guide for more.

Bitsonline’s Bitcoin School for Beginners

This video is part of an instructional series for crypto beginners by Daniel Rojas. Daniel started the Bitcoin Meetup in Costa Rica, which now has over 300 members and a WhatsApp chat (IM app) of 175+ members (as of Oct 2017). He gives regular Bitcoin talks to the community to encourage people to learn and use this technology.

Daniel holds an Electronic Engineering degree and worked at National Instruments for 6.5 years as a radio frequency systems engineer. He first learned about Bitcoin in April 2016, when it was $450 USD. Because Coinbase doesn’t support Costa Rica, he bought his first satoshis by transferring $20 via PayPal to a friend in the US.

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