Saturday, February 4, 2023

ShapeShift Acquires Keepkey, Enables Direct Trading on Wallets

ShapeShift Acquires Keepkey, Enables Direct Trading on Wallets

Major digital assets exchange, ShapeShift, announced today that it will acquire hardware wallet provider KeepKey. As part of the acquisition, they have announced they will enable real-time cryptocurrency trading directly on KeepKey devices via ShapeShift API integration.

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ShapeShift to Allow Trading Directly on KeepKey Devices

A major aspect of the ShapeShift’s acquisition of KeepKey is the announcement that it will enable currency trading right on the hardware wallets themselves.

This means customers will be able to hold their coins on a hardware wallet, and right on the device itself, will be able to use the ShapeShift exchange platform to buy and sell their cryptocurrencies without entering a website.

According to Erik Voorhees, CEO of ShapeShift, one of ShapeShift’s priorities has been to provide both a safe and easy way to exchange digital assets and he believes their pairing with KeepKey will help  them to better accomplish that goal.

“Users can hold their coins on the hardware device and exchange them on demand within the wallet, without even visiting a website. When you pair the KeepKey hardware wallet with ShapeShift’s exchange, the experience is magical.”

KeepKey integrated ShapeShift’s API over a year ago, and supports Bitcoin together with a wide variety of popular digital assets including Ether, Litecoin, Dash and more.

ShapeShiftThe firm will continue manufacturing and distribution of the device, providing the most secure storage wallet available with native support for trading all leading digital assets.

Ken Hodler, CTO of KeepKey, expressed excitement regarding the acquisition deal — saying that it guarantees the future success of KeepKey.

Additionally, ShapeShift has confirmed that the KeepKey brand and product line will remain the same, following high demand by users, and the acquisition will also provide increased capital for inventory and security expertise.

Bitsonline asked Voorhees if ShapeShift planned to release a branded KeepKey device in the future. Voorhees responded, “we have discussed this and will announce if we do it.”

What do you think of ShapeShift acquiring KeepKey and enabling real-time trading on their devices? Let us know in the comments.

Images via KeepKey, ShapeShift

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