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Shping: The Practical, Mass Market Blockchain

There are a number of ways different companies and businesses are using blockchain technology. The technology can help send and receive payments, track shipping conditions and much more. But if blockchain is limited to businesses, it will never reach its true potential of revolutionizing our society. In order for a true blockchain revolution to take place, it needs to reach the mass market. It needs to be used by the everyday man (or woman). It needs to be practical, easy and incentivizing. It needs to be like Shping.

This is a press release provided by Shping

Shping is a blockchain platform that allows you to shop in a grocery store in the same way that you would shop online. You can look up a product’s ingredients, customer reviews and verify authenticity.

The Australia-based company began in 2012 under the name Authenticateit. Their goal was to help consumers know the difference between a counterfeit product and a real one. They also helped expose unsafe products by developing a system to help determine the product’s authenticity from the beginning of the supply chain process to the very end.

Now, Shping can do everything it was designed for, and more. It can provide companies with brand protection and marketing services that help engage with consumers. Product recall services can upload information to inform users if a product has been recalled. Retailers can upload information to let consumers know what’s in the product.

Even government institutions and certification agencies can upload rules and regulations to make sure products comply with the latest codes. All of this data will be entered into Shping’s Global Product Database. As you can imagine, Shping’s database is on pace to be one of the world’s largest.



What Makes Shping So Special? Blockchain.

Thus far, Shping sounds like a glorified version of Yelp for grocery stores. But because it’s blockchain based, Shping is much more. Because of blockchain, Shping has a cryptocurrency, SHPING, that’s given to users as a reward. Retailers, brands and organizations are able to send SHPING, incentivizing the use of the Shping app.

Because of the value of the token, users will want to post reviews, verify the integrity of products and more in order to earn coins. In turn, they’ll be able to use those tokens they earned to purchase more products.

Shping Pre-Sale and Token Sale

The cryptocurrency community obviously views Shping as a valuable token to invest in. When you consider all of the potential ICO’s to invest in, it’s impressive to think that Shping sold out of their token pre-sale with 3 days remaining to reach its goal. The hard cap for the pre-sale was $3 million.

CEO and founder of Shping, Gennady Volchek commented on their pre-sale success, “We’re astounded, humbled and incredibly grateful for the community who have rallied so passionately behind this project.” Volchek continued, “The people have voted with their wallets—they believe in this project and Shping Coin just as passionately as we do, and we do not intend to let them down. With the funds from the Presale alone, we’ll be able to deliver on the requirements for Phase 1 of our roadmap which is incredibly exciting. But with the Crowdsale coming up, this is just the beginning of our expansion plans.”

As Volchek explains, the purpose of a token pre-sale is to help raise business development funds. Shping in particular is currently being produced for the regions of Australia, Singapore, China and New Zealand.

The Shping token sale is more than accessible to everyone, as the minimum purchase is just $10 USD for 1,000 SHPING. For users who missed out on the pre-sale, you’re not too late to get the introductory price. The Shping Token Crowdsale is currently ongoing and will continue until the 23rd of March.

It won’t be long before grocery store and blockchain go hand in hand, literally. Shoppers will be able to research products using the Shping app while they shop, earning token and paying for products all through their smartphone. The blockchain revolution is just getting started.

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