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Six Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Picky Crypto Fan

Six Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Picky Crypto Fan

Buying gifts for people can be a tough undertaking. You usually need to have a good understanding of the person you are buying for in order to get a gift that’s a real winner. So if you’re on the hunt for a gift for your favorite crypto fan — look no further than our handy guide!

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1. Ugly Crypto Sweaters From HODL Moon


A big, ugly, multicolor knit sweater has been a mainstay gift for the holiday season since time immemorial. So why not treat your crypto fan with an ugly sweater sporting the logo of their favorite cryptocurrency? HODL Moon sweaters go for $59.99 USD, with crypto payments accepted on all orders.

2. Dogecoin Socks From Kimchi Socks


Such socks. Very clothing. Much fashion. Wow. Those are the words you’ll likely hear when your loved one gets their hands (or feet) on these custom-made socks featuring the ever adorable shiba inu. Kimchi Socks sells these colorful kicks for just $10.99 a pair, and payments in Dogecoin are a-ok.

Even if Dogecoin isn’t your thing, Kimchi Socks sells Bitcoin and even Bitcoin Cash socks to suit your crypto preference.

3. Themed Mugs From CryptoMugs


Want your loved one to show off at the office, or feel smug at home with a fancy cryptocurrency themed mug? CryptoMugs may just be the ticket. With numerous styles to choose from, a mug like this might be just the thing your pal is looking for to warm up the season. Each sip from these is sure to be filled with hopes of moons and dreams of Lambos.

4. Tech Throwback – USB Block Eruptor


Remember the days when Bitcoin mining was possible with just a few USB stick sized devices? Well, remember no more as your loved one gets their hands on a true classic. The USB mini ASIC chips may not earn much in terms of mining these days, but it will certainly get a chuckle or two, and that’s always worth something.

Note that most stores won’t even sell you a USB miner these days, and be skeptical of any that claim you can actually make money with these things. They are novelty items for nostalgia only.

5. Hardware Wallets

Source: Crypto Wallet Supply

No list would be complete without mentioning something that is actually, functionally useful in the pursuit of one’s cryptocurrency goals. Most experts in the field believe that a hardware wallet is an essential piece of gear to secure one’s blockchain wealth.

The best-known brands are Trezor, KeepKey and Ledger. While prices start around the $100 mark and go up from there, they’re by far the best solution if you want secure, offline storage for multiple well-known cryptocurrencies that you can also spend quickly if necessary.

Pick one up for your loved ones this season and they’ll be sure to thank you. Even if they already have one, there’s nothing wrong with having two. Or three. Or four.

6. The Gift of Crypto Itself

Bitcoin paper wallet

In saving the best for last – why not give the gift of crypto? While this may require at least some technical skill and a decent printer, it’s not too difficult to make a colorful and fun paper wallet.

Some well-known designs are a bit risky for newcomers as they leave the private key exposed. So we recommend the above design from — it has a folding design that keeps the private key/code hidden, and the site sells packs of tamper-evident holographic seals that make your paper wallet look about 1o times cooler.

Gifts of actual cryptocurrency are not only for the dedicated, they also make great gifts for kids or anyone thinking about dipping a toe into the exciting new world. And unlike an arguably pointless store gift card, a loaded paper wallet has no expiration date.

Do you have any other, or better, crypto Christmas gift ideas? Feel free to share them below. 

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