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Smoke Network: Blockchain-Based Cannabis Community that Pays Users

Smoke Network: Blockchain-Based Cannabis Community that Pays Users

As countries around the world to move legalize recreational and medical use of cannabis, individuals in the cannabis community will need a digital home to view, curate and share cannabis-related content – all without the fear of being censored. Facebook, Instagram, and other centralized social networks are known for their clamping down of cannabis related content and brand pages.

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One company hopes to address that problem by launching a global, decentralized social network on top of the blockchain that rewards users with that post and curate high-quality content with cryptocurrency.

By building a strong global community of cannabis users that can interact with each other, the social network plans to allow individuals to post and upvote cannabis-related content of their choosing, similar to sites such as Instragram, Reddit and Steem, with other planned modules including a strain database and dispensary reviews planned for Q3 2018.

Based on the Mutual Aid Society model developed by Dan Larimer– the man behind Steem and Bitshares – Smoke.Network hopes to build on that idea while addressing some the concerns that have hit the Steem platform. Using an innovative Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) Consensus Model, Smoke.Network hopes to avoid the massive waste of electricity and scaling problems that come with Proof of Work (PoW) based blockchain.

Individuals will earn SMOKE tokens through a Smart Rewards System that aims to reward users fairly and equitably for their contribution to the network – whether through up-voting content that becomes popular or creating high-quality content themselves.

While the project aims to give out cryptocurrency that can be cashed out to other cryptocurrencies or fiat on other platforms, they are instituting some measures to enable continued participation in the network, such as a vesting schedule and delayed payment that incentivizes users to stay on the platform. In addition, a person’s influence will be determined somewhat by the amount of SMOKE that they hold. Those with a certain amount of SMOKE, for example, will be able to suggest new strains for inclusion in the Strain Review module.

The project is moving fast, with their first front-end Minimum Viable Product (MVP) being a DApp that can be accessed at

Individuals can now access the Smoke.Network airdrop page, where they have 16 different ways to earn tokens when the network comes online. There are also weekly draws of $420 worth of Smoke.Network swag for all Airdrop participants. Those who want to read more about the project can view the Whitepaper or the Pitch Deck, both of which are available on

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