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Did Someone Try to Kill John McAfee?

Did Someone Try to Kill John McAfee?

Maverick tech security figure and sometime Bitcoin promoter John McAfee was briefly hospitalized earlier today after an apparent attack. McAfee himself suggested it was an attempt on his life.

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McAfee is also involved with the liberty movement, and campaigned to be the official Libertarian Party candidate in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election.

‘Someone Attempted to Off Me’

According to a report by LibertyViral, the MGT Capital Investments CEO was due to speak at the Freedom Fest conference in Las Vegas. The report claimed to have spoken to McAfee and heard from other sources close to him that an attack took place.

The LibertyViral report included a photo of McAfee lying on an ambulance gurney. That picture, however, appears to be from an incident in 2012 when he suffered two minor heart attacks in Guatemala.

At press time, McAfee appeared to be out of hospital and tweeted that he was editing video at Las Vegas’ Encore Hotel. However a few hours previous, he stated that someone had tried to “off” him:

Another tweet from McAfee’s wife Janice also suggested someone had intended him harm. She also claimed he was recuperating from an “externally imposed medical issue”:

On 20th July, McAfee posted an ominous note on Facebook, asking friends to help him identify a man in a picture from a few years ago. He added that he wasn’t able to explain why he needed to, and there’s no confirmed information saying it’s related to today’s events.

John McAfee Facebook

John McAfee’s History of Danger and Drama

Personal drama and adventure have long surrounded the millionaire, who founded the McAfee Associates antivirus software company in 1992, before selling it in 1994.

Long a controversial figure in the tech world, he achieved particular notoriety in 2012 when he was pursued by authorities from his Belize home. The Belize government claimed he was wanted for questioning in relation to the death of his neighbor, while McAfee said he was the victim of political corruption. He fled to Guatemala before eventually returning to the U.S.

He has recently made large investments in Bitcoin and Bitcoin mining through his company MGT Capital Investment. Last week, he stated he would “eat his dick on national TV” if BTC did not reach $500,000 USD or even higher in three years.

Although he is sometimes described as a “eccentric billionaire”, the New York Times reported his net worth had actually peaked at $100 million. His recent Bitcoin acquisitions may have changed that.

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Images via John McAfee (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter)

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