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South Korea Is Officially Against SegWit2X After Hard Fork Statements

South Korea Is Officially Against SegWit2X After Hard Fork Statements

The biggest Bitcoin community in South Korea has just voiced its opposition to the scheduled hard fork in November — formalized in the New York Agreement. This hard fork is intended for the implementation of SegWit2X, which has returned to the community spotlight as of late. 

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Seoul Bitcoin Meetup on SegWit2X Fork: ‘Do the right thing’

The Seoul Bitcoin Meetup group offered a public statement today, 12th October, regarding the subject, asking leaders in the Bitcoin community to reconsider their support for the New York Agreement.

Their grievances center around the belief that the the proposed solution no longer represents the intentions of the original agreement — keeping the community together.

They went on to say they believe the dominant chain will survive the hard fork, and even flourish in its aftermath.

The Group’s Beef With New York Agreement

Until then, the group drafted an open letter to minimize the short-term damage it may cause to the network and Bitcoin users.

The group also gave a list of specific grievances that they had with the NY agreement:SegWit2X

  • One, they believe the New York Agreement’s conception “goes against the very ethos of Bitcoin.”
  • Two, they believe that the developers and supporters of the SegWit2X have been reckless in their support and implementation of the solution.
  • The last grievance comes from an apparent lack of replay protection, an often cited, hot button issue regarding the SegWit2X.

The Seoul Bitcoin Meetup has urged other communities to speak up and voice its opinion as well.

In addition, they praised companies that have already withdrawn their support from the agreement and requested that others follow suit.

“Remember, there is no shame in readjusting one’s stance in light of new information and conditions. Do the right thing.”

The South Korea-based community was founded in 2014 and boasts more than 1600 members, according to their official website.

What do you think of the group’s decision to come out against SegWit2X and the proposed hard fork to implement it? Let’s hear your thoughts.

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