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‘Sparkled-Eyed Entrepreneurs’ Will Change the World and Have Fun Doing It, Says Bitt’s Gabriel Abed

‘Sparkled-Eyed Entrepreneurs’ Will Change the World and Have Fun Doing It, Says Bitt’s Gabriel Abed

“Sparkled-eyed entrepreneurs” will change the world by giving economic power to all — and still get their Lambo in the end. That’s according to Bitt co-founder Gabriel Abed, who’s leading a Caribbean charge to convince central banks to issue their own cryptocurrencies — without forgetting to party along the way.

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Bitt: From Sparkled-Eyed, Intimidated, to Acceptance in Four Years

Gabriel Abed Bitt CEO
Gabriel Abed

Bitt logoAbed presented his vision on the main stage at the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami last Friday. Bitt’s mission is financial inclusion for everyone in the developing world, he said, and its slogan is “empower people”.

He described the long road to recognition Bitt has traveled, from initial skepticism and rejection by existing financial powers to the current acceptance and blockchain trials.

That sparkled-eyed entrepreneur was him just four years ago, Abed noted.

Bitt appsIn that time Bitt has grown from a team of three to just under 60 people. The Barbados-based startup now has a working relationship with the country’s central bank and both are exploring a concept called “Central Bank Digital Dollars” (CBDD), a prototype bank-issued cryptocurrency Abed would like to take international.

The company makes the “mMoney” apps for individuals and merchants — which anyone can download, but only Barbados residents can use for now.

Bitt is also part of the Financial Inclusion Global Initiative ITU and the United Nations, as well as an initiative of The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Financial Empowerment, but With Added YOLO

Bitt YOLO Party Miami 2018

But before you think Bitt works like a charity, look again — the company is there to help its users make money. Abed is also known as “Crypto King of the Caribbean”, and the crypto veterans are more than happy to celebrate the crypto wealth with community members that are now coming into the space..

Entrepreneurs and conference-goers celebrated TNABC 2018 with a free-but-invite-only “Gaby’s YOLO” party — held, appropriately, at Miami exotic car rental agency Lou La Vie.

Bitt YOLO Party Miami 2018Speaking to Bitsonline after the event, Abed called it “industry veterans giving back”, providing those sparkled-eyed entrepreneurs he mentioned in his presentation with some material motivation to keep following their dream.

“There was no charge, free drinks, food and big names freely walking around to meet and greet,” he said.

Needless to say, the owner of Lou La Vie was a bit nervous about having party guests mingling amongst millions of dollars worth of exotic cars, both new and classic models.

But this is the crypto industry, and the crowd had no interest in treating the merchandise with disrespect — more likely, attendees were plotting ways to earn enough money to buy or rent one for next year’s TNABC.

It’s still very early days in the new financial world. Rented exotic cars were still the order of the day in Miami 2018, but in five years or less they could be sitting in some brand-new entrepreneur’s private garage.

Are you a sparkled-eyed entrepreneur? What aspect of the crypto industry appeals most? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

Images via Bitt, Gabriel Abed

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